The third batch of PPP demonstration project will be released multi sectoral accelerate top-l

The third batch of PPP demonstration project will be released   many departments to accelerate top-level design – Finance – legislation into the fast lane of the third batch of pilot projects released soon multi sector to accelerate PPP top-level design a package of tax incentives and other policy is brewing, encourage and regulate and path gradually clear our government and social capital cooperation (PPP) design the top is accelerating. "Economic Reference News" reporter learned from the industry, in the context of the reform into the deep water area, the relevant departments have launched the research of PPP reform, including tax incentives, financial management, policies have been brewing in. At the same time, PPP unified legislation in the field has entered the fast lane. The industry is expected, PPP will officially enter the stage of coexistence of incentives and norms, usher trillion scale explosive growth opportunities will also face challenges. There are more than a week, the Ministry of Finance and other 20 departments jointly promote the list of the PPP demonstration project will be released in the third batch. It is reported that, as of July 25th, a total of 1070 projects were received throughout the country, the project plans a total investment of about $2 trillion and 200 billion, involving energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal, pension and other public services. It is understood that, unlike the first two batches of demonstration projects, the selection of the third batch of work by the Ministry of Finance and the relevant ministries jointly carried out from the Ministry of Finance demonstration to upgrade the national demonstration. The industry is expected to release a new batch of demonstration projects is expected to set off a new upsurge in the domestic PPP project construction. The latest data issued by the Ministry of Finance website on PPP center before the show, at the end of July this year, the national PPP project library has storage project 10170, a total investment of over 12 trillion yuan, which accounted for nearly 50% of traffic and transportation engineering, municipal project. In the days before the convening of the 2016 session of the second China PPP financing forum, Ministry of finance department director Sun Xiaoxia pointed out that the current PPP mode encountered four major problems in the development of project implementation, improve the supporting policies to regulate social capital is difficult, difficult and difficult to exit the construction of talent team. In fact, the smooth implementation of the PPP project, and supporting policies are closely related to sound. "The current investment and financing, taxation, financial subsidies mechanism and PPP operation there is no supporting force, and timid local government there is a deviation in understanding and understanding, and therefore social capital side of doubt, participation is not high, more than PPP and less cooperative negotiation." A local financial system told the economic reference news "reporter, is a pressing matter of the moment to speed up the system construction, to further refine the division of labor, improve the tax, finance, land, finance, social capital division of a series of policy support system. Economic Information Daily reporters learned that, PPP top-level design is accelerating, the current thinking has gradually clear, along the way to encourage and regulate the two parallel path. Ministry of finance is in conjunction with relevant departments in the land, price, financing and other aspects, tailored to meet the needs of PPP supporting policies. It is reported that the Ministry of finance to promote the PPP tax policy proposals have been started in the industry for comments, will be directed at PP)相关的主题文章: