The TOYOTA Prius hybrid car repair recall about 300000 parking brake problems

The TOYOTA Prius hybrid car recall about 300000 parking brake car repair hidden Tencent news Beijing standard time on October 14th message, according to MotorTrend website reported that due to the existence of hidden dangers of car parking brake, TOYOTA will recall the new Prius (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) hybrid models. TOYOTA released a statement saying: "part of the 2016 and 2017 Prius hybrid car parking brake failure. In the end, it may be that if the driver leaves the car when the car starts and the stop is not in the stop, the car may slip away. The solution to this problem: TOYOTA dealers will be installed in the upper part of the brake wire clip, to prevent the failure of the wire, to solve this problem, of course, the owners will not spend a sum of money. TOYOTA will begin in November to notify the owner of the letter by mail to implement the recall." Prior to the number of vehicles affected by the problem, it is reported that the recall of vehicles in about 92 thousand from the U.S. market, including the 2016 and 2017 models. Japan is about 210 thousand affected, a total of more than 300 thousand vehicles. According to Reuters, TOYOTA will recall more cars in other markets, including Europe and australia. A TOYOTA spokesman confirmed that the car production risks from Japan Aichi factory; however, other models of the factory production was not affected by. The spokesman also said that after the review of some of the existing data, the company in October 3, 2016 and was not aware of any of the problems caused by the collision, casualty report. However, once the parts are in place, the company has been urging owners to repair the hidden danger as soon as possible. Just last month, TOYOTA announced that the United States recalled 7600 Prius is located in the front passenger airbag in an assembly may be improper. If an accident occurs, the stored gas may escape and cause the airbag to inflate. On the issue, TOYOTA will also notify the owners in November to recall.相关的主题文章: