The United States juvenile homemade charger was mistaken for emergency evacuation of the school-sunny came home

American Teenager homemade charger is mistaken for bombs the emergency evacuation according to the "Central News Agency reported on 27, Oregon, 1 high school students to carry on before he invented a simple charger, charging for mobile phone placed in the locker room to participate in team training, but the coach saw mistakenly thought it was" bomb ", the school immediately informed, and launched an emergency evacuation. The school suspended 1 days to make the student. Sandy high school (Sandy High School) 15 year old teenager, (Levi Frunk), for household electrical appliances has always been a high degree of research interests. He admitted in an interview with the media, his invention of a simple charger, for outsiders who do not know, may feel like a bomb like, in fact, should not be taken to school. Faruk Sandy is a member of the school football team, he participated in the team before the weight training, put the mobile phone in the locker room, and use a simple charger of his own invention charging. He said the team coach in the locker room to see the charger, mistakenly thought it was a bomb device, immediately informed the school, and emergency evacuation. Faruk said, although the misunderstanding was quickly clarified, but the error has caused damage to the order, the school grounds, suspended for 1 days to decide his punishment. Due to Fuluke will not be able to attend the school, a game he awaited, "I feel a little angry".相关的主题文章: