The woman take the network about the car was hijacked 24 hours rescued after the battle of wits-pretty rhythm

The woman take the network about the car was hijacked 24 hours after the battle of wits saved source: City Express Huang (a pseudonym) is a Nanjing bank account manager, September 26th night overtime to 9 pm, in front of the unit, she used the software easy to call the car. After the phone, the driver quickly came, is a more than and 20 year old guy. "Hey, how does your license plate differ from the App?" "Oh, I registered in the car repair, today is the owner of the car." Said the driver. She sat on the passenger seat, the car along the road in the night…… Reporter correspondent Yang Rilong Yang Li on the evening of 27 just after 9 pm, Huang was hijacked after 24 hours, Taizhou police successfully rescued the Yellow roof. This is the first case of the Zhejiang police cracked the case of car hijacking. This cry 24 hours, what really happened, how Huang from Nanjing to Taizhou? The driver pulled out a knife to sit on the seat after the yellow, and the driver chatted her up. There are five or six kilometers away from home, the car suddenly pulled up. The driver pulled out a knife, the knife turned in the yellow cross on his neck: "put the money out." Open the door to escape the yellow, but door has been locked. The driver began to pull up the yellow, kicking to Hu, stretched out his hand to take the knife, the blade is broken. Small yellow holding a broken blade luanhui, the driver’s chest had a wound, the blood ran out, and his hand was yellow two blade cut. The driver and the confiscation of the hand, and took out a dagger, a yellow neck ferocious threat: "you resist it, I’ll kill you." Yellow to give up resistance, not to utter a single word sitting in the car. The driver put small yellow hands and feet are tied up, "I as long as the money is not lethal". "I was only 100 yuan, Huang feel safe with, say they have a credit card, the amount of 50 thousand yuan. The driver let Huang take a back seat, took her mobile phone and package, and then took a bottle of himself and yellow hand blood cleaning water, ask the password credit card password and mobile phone alipay. Then, the yellow taxi software service and mobile phone positioning system is shut down. He took a sleeping pill in the mineral water in the melt, let yellow drink. Passengers with drivers to drink Wine because of drug action, Huang began to daze, wake up, see out of the window, the sky was bright yellow, also saw a roadside car license in Hangzhou. Huang initiative and driver, "why do you do these things?" Because the business lost money. As long as the money, thirty thousand yuan is enough!". Huang said, you want to borrow money, went well, I will not alarm. Car to the territory of Yuhang, the driver locked the door to get off. Come back, with two breakfast, and a bag of medical supplies, with yellow Alipay bought. He and Huang treatment of the wound, go straight to the car, then get off again with a yellow card to buy their own clothes, put the blood on clothes in the car. He also took the genuine credit card cash ten thousand yuan to buy a Chinese cigarette. 27 PM 1 pm相关的主题文章: