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The world why Japan did not counterfeit money? Causes people to shock! U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes a warrant source: (nine point to Japan’s brother Finance), you will find any cashier no detector, payment when no one look at your money is not fake money. More surprising is the bank has not seen the detector Japanese… Don’t encounter fake money? Don’t say fake money! Even the reports of fake money have rarely been heard…… Why there is no counterfeit currency? Let’s get a look at it! First of all, the yen notes are well regarded as one of the most difficult to counterfeit currencies due to their excellent production of paper, printing and watermarking. This is mainly because the yen paper belongs to the synthetic paper, in the process of making the incorporation of Japanese specialty three Sam bark pulp, leathery with special luster, crisp sound, pale yellow, the greater the darker the denomination. At the same time, the use of anti copy printing ink, the denomination and portrait of the ink used with magnetic. According to folklore, each of the real cost of Japan and the denomination are equivalent. That is to say, if you want to copy a yen almost hard to determine the authenticity of counterfeit money, the actual price paid by the cost is almost equal to the real bill. In the diagram, specifically referred to the holographic patterns, barcode watermark, image, picture watermark, refraction anti copy dots, Braille marks, pearlescent inks and other security point. In addition, in November 2004, the Bank of Japan issued 1000 yen, the Japanese yen and the new series of banknotes of 10 thousand yen, compared with the 2000 edition of the Japanese yen notes 2000 and increased the bar code watermark, improved the light of anti-counterfeiting measures. 5000 yen and 10 thousand yen banknotes with 1000 yen banknote holographic film, gravure printing ink printing pearlescent invisible denomination figures on the superposition technique, from different angles the effect of different denomination number. In fact, not only is the bill Japanese unsuspecting, in fact, in the Japanese market without any Dongdong is anti fake mark. As the Chinese people may ask, why the Japanese goods without security signs? Who do not know who is false? This problem in Japanese seems ridiculous, sell genuine goods is behoove, where the need for security, the need to prove? But such a good faith system is bound to exist such a phenomenon, that is, once the consequences of violations must be very serious. The occasional Japanese commercial fraud phenomenon, such as foreign products as Japan’s own products, the Japanese believe their country is the best, so our opposite direction and fraud. A few years ago, Japan appears several times will be made China eel posing as Japanese eel event, the result is: first, the boss public apology; second, the banks stopped lending partners to stop commercial relations, enterprises can only be shut down; third, older entrepreneurs will be unable to start on the road to ruin, for example Dutch act. Some time ago a Andy party Qingzi thesis fraud event after being exposed to raise a Babel of criticism of her mentor, wells, Yoshiki, recognized Japan Medical genius scientist 1相关的主题文章: