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The computer has a bit of a personality: round design $79 for sale – Sohu digital foreign media CNET reported that if you are tired of the traditional modeling of the computer, you might as well look at this product, with a circular appearance of the computer "Endless  Mini", the starting price of $79. This computer has little personality: circular design   $79 from the sale (picture from CNET)     Endless  Mini is equipped with an entry-level ARM  Cortex  A5 quad core processor, built-in 1GB memory and 24GB storage space, running a customized version of Linux system, mainly for the area and the development of education in the field. Of course, it is also equipped with Intel Celeron processor high version, the price of $189.     in addition to the appearance of personality, Endless  Mini will also support USB, HDMI, headset, Ethernet interface design, and built-in 802.11n  WiFi and Bluetooth 4 wireless connection.     Endless  Mini running Endless  OS is a customized system based on Linux; pre installed some applications and information packages. In the absence of Internet connection, you can also achieve the basic office, music, photo editing, video playback operation. In addition, it also built educational applications, including Wikipedia and a large number of information resources, covering science, finance, science and technology and even cooking rich content for students reference. 这款电脑有点个性:圆形设计 79美元起售-搜狐数码据外媒CNET报道,如果你对传统造型的电脑感到厌倦,不妨来看一下这款产品,具有圆形外观的电脑“Endless Mini”,起售价为79美元。 这款电脑有点个性:圆形设计 79美元起售(图片来自CNET)   据悉,Endless Mini搭载了入门级ARM Cortex A5四核处理器,内置1GB运行内存和24GB存储空间,运行定制版Linux系统,主要面向发展中地区和教育领域。当然,其也有搭载英特尔赛扬处理器的高配版本,价格为189美元。   除了个性的外观,Endless Mini还会支持USB、HDMI、耳机、以太网接口等设计,并且内置802.11n WiFi和蓝牙4.0无线连接。   Endless Mini运行的Endless OS是基于Linux定制的系统,预装了一些应用程序和信息包。在没有互联网连接的情况下,也可以实现基本的办公、音乐、照片编辑、视频播放操作。此外,该机还内置了教育应用,包括维基百科及大量信息资源,涵盖科学、金融、科技甚至是烹饪等丰富的内容,供学生参考。相关的主题文章: