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This is perhaps the first wave of NOKIA mobile phone Sohu return preheating digital mobile phone China [news] for the new NOKIA thought is almost daily for the Nobel Powder, regardless of whether people shouted as the mouth like the slogan "buy buy buy", but the concern is true. Recently, NOKIA released a new warm-up posters, posters of a new machine eye-catching, this may be the first wave of NOKIA mobile phone back. This poster poster in NOKIA new preheat released by NOKIA, in addition to the "science and technology to make life better", a light mobile phone to let people fall into a reverie. The mobile phone with NOKIA on the market models are not the same, the rounded body, the back design is very simple, one hand can grasp, in addition to access the position of the camera, but there are rumors of NOKIA’s overall C1 vu. In fact, NOKIA return to the mobile phone market news is already confirmed, but the new product has not officially, leaving only the fans everywhere make groundless accusations. Rumor has it that NOKIA will push one or two feature machines by the end of the year, as well as the opportunity for Android to be released in late 2016 or early in the year as scheduled in late. So, the question is, Nokia Dafa and SONY law which is stronger in the end?相关的主题文章: