This week, Beijing is expected to cool winter early next week the maximum temperature below 10 DEG C easeljs

This week, Beijing is expected to cool winter early next week the maximum temperature below 10 DEG C – Sohu news Chinese weather network news today (26) morning, the cold air brought by the wind blew away entrenched over Beijing haze, Beijing professional Observatory senior engineer Li Huanan introduction, the next few days, cold air is more active. The forces were also significantly enhanced in Beijing to bring wind and rain at the same time, Beijing will also have to suppress the temperature and may put into Beijing unable to get up after a fall, winter at the weekend. Affected by static and stable weather, just the past two days, Beijing suffered fog and haze weather. This morning, affected by cold air, Beijing blowing 3-4 northerly wind, blew away the haze in Beijing city. Today (26) morning, Beijing, Zhongguancun, South Street, near the blue sky, such as washing. Beijing City Meteorological Station 26, 6 issued a weather forecast, today morning mist southeast, cloudy day, the two or three grade four to grade two DF, the maximum temperature of 15 DEG C; the night cloudy cloudy, easterly level one or two, the minimum temperature of 9 degrees. Li Huanan introduction, although the cold air did not bring significant cooling in Beijing, but the next few days, the impact of cold air active in Beijing, the forces also significantly enhanced. Affected by a strong cold air, 27 noon to midnight, Beijing will be light rain, followed by high winds followed by cooling, the cooling rate of up to 6-8. Expected 28, Beijing, the lowest temperature at night is only 2 degrees Celsius, the daily minimum temperature of 3-4 degrees in the weekend, only 11-13 degrees Celsius during the day, is expected next week, the highest daily temperature in Beijing will fall below the temperature of 10 degrees celsius. Beijing weather forecast for the coming week. Li Huanan said, for 5 consecutive days on the first day of the 10 sliding average temperature below C, is to enter the winter days of meteorology. According to the current forecast, Beijing is likely to enter the meteorological sense of winter in 28, while the Beijing winter perennial date for October 29th, if this weekend Beijing meet the winter conditions, this winter time will be quite normal. Winter is coming, please adjust the rest, go to bed early evening, appropriate exercise, do weatherization measures, especially pay attention to the head, back and foot to keep warm, prevent catch cold.相关的主题文章: