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The actual control of cross-border hot spots among the top second shareholders of pine shares thousand thousand shares on the flow of funds section stocks diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you find the Securities Times reporter Yu Dejiang because of the controlling shareholder equity transfer planning matters suspension the pine shares (300132), September 12th evening disclosed the transfer of detailed. Border pass (002640) Yang Jianxin’s actual control of Shanxi Jia Hui Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanxi Jia Hui") nearly 30% premium offer, pine shares of the two shareholders become. The status of the controlling shareholder, actual controller Ke Weilong still holding shares of pine. The specific transfer scheme, pine shares of the 9 shareholders of Ke Weilong, Ke Weixin, Chen Shanghe, Fu Gengsheng, Deng Jianming, Su Fuxing, Wang Degui, Deng Xingui, Jiang Meiyu, will together hold 49 million 622 thousand and 600 shares of the shares transferred to the Shanxi Jia Hui pine, pine shares accounted for 12.86% of the total share capital, the transfer price of 11.79 yuan shares, the transfer price total 585 million yuan. Pine shares before the suspension price of 9.19 yuan shares, according to this calculation, Shanxi Jia Hui to offer a premium of 28.29%. The transaction, the number of shares transferred to 23 million 484 thousand and 800 shares Ke Weilong, Ke Hui transfer number of shares for the 8 million 556 thousand and 500. After the completion of the transfer, Ke Weilong directly holds 18.52% stake in the company, is still the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company; Ke Kai directly holds shares of the company of 6.65%. Ke Weilong and Ke Weixin are brothers. The other party transfer, according to the annual report data, Chen Shanghe, Fu Gengsheng, Deng Jianming, four, seven pine shares third shareholders, Wang Degui as chairman of the board of supervisors, and also is the director Chen shang. It is worth noting that the two quarter new pine shares tube color information, holds 4 million 606 thousand and 100 shares, ranked the fifth largest shareholder. Shanxi Guangjia Exchange registered capital of 500 million yuan, was founded in the end of August last year, Yang Jianxin holds a 80% stake, Yang Yiming holds a 20% stake, and the relationship between the two. Yang Jianxin is the founder of the hundred round pants industry, but also created the predecessor of cross-border Shanxi hundred margin Logistics Distribution Co., Ltd., is now the controlling shareholder of cross-border, the actual controller, chairman, general manager. Changes in equity book shows, Ke Weilong and Ke Weixin transfer of shares is designed to optimize ownership structure of listed companies, Shanxi Jia Hui is to realize the purpose of pine shares investment. After the completion of the transfer, Shanxi Guangjia exchange 12.86% stake, after Ke Weilong, will be the second largest shareholder of pine shares. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: