To buy Apple 6S mobile phone 13 year old grandmother ran out of subsistence allowances have been che pigeon blood

To buy Apple 6S mobile phone 13 year old grandmother spent subsistence has cheated recently, Jiulongpo a student because of "gullible online free iPhone6s nouveau riche" scams, scammers cheated thousands of yuan. The money was cheated, the student from his grandmother to receive a minimum of the bank card removed. Lee, who lives in Jiulongpo district. In August this year, he saw such a message in the QQ space: "sister free nouveau riche poly popularity, iPhone6s, QQ,????????, only need to forward this message and screenshots, and then you can get the nouveau riche sister, iPhone6s free". Out of curiosity, Lee in accordance with the requirements of the other forwards and screenshots, and then get in touch with each other. Each other in the registration of Lee’s name, contact information, address, told Lee phone can receive, but requires 50 yuan courier fee. Lee felt the express fee of $50 can get a iPhone6s mobile phone is very cost-effective, so readily to the other QQ paid envelopes. Unexpectedly, the other has to pass the fees, fees, deposit and the name of activation requesting the remittance, Mike was blinded has to turn to the other side of 3000 yuan, until not contact each other, Li Moucai realized that cheated. Due to the early death of Lee’s parents, grandparents live. The cheated money, Lee secretly received from the grandmother of guaranteeing the bank card out. Lee know after being cheated did not dare to tell Grandpa and grandma, but not alarm. Until recently, grandma to use the money card, Li Moucai had to say cheated thing. Police analysis, similar to the "nouveau riche free iPhone6s" hoax, has been able to succeed, there are the following reasons: first, the population age is too small, easily deceived; at the beginning of two, free registration name, address and telephone number, and then asked to pay 50 yuan fee, most people will think 50 yuan can for thousands of dollars worth of mobile phone, you can try; three, under normal circumstances, pay the express fee after asked again remittance, many people will be suspicious, but just this group of small age, poor awareness of fraud prevention, so was the other to the clearance fees, fees, margin activation is some four, defrauding tens of thousands; the group can operate independently of the bank card online payment. Therefore, the police tips: do not easily believe that the sky pie thing, once deceived to immediately alarm. Newspaper reporter Jing Ran相关的主题文章: