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To "hit me under the banner of personal affairs" say no "the Secretary of the governor under the banner do not hit me anything, otherwise don’t blame me for no one." On the afternoon of October 29th, the Hubei Provincial Committee held a meeting of leading cadres in Wuchang. Jiang Xinzhi, Vice Minister of the central organization department attended the meeting and announced that the central decision: Comrade Ren Hubei Provincial Committee, standing committee, Secretary of the. Jiang Chaoliang said at the scene, said: I was fortunate enough to work in Hubei, Hubei is full of deep feelings. Go back to work in Hubei, I feel a heavy responsibility, the task is arduous and glorious mission, I will never live up to the Party Central Committee and Hubei people’s expectations." "In the future, if I have the banner or to my relatives in the name of Hubei personal affairs, self serving, not only can not do, but also resolutely investigate and deal severely according to law. I sincerely hope that the comrades will be strict with me." When it comes to self-discipline, Jiang Chaoliang said in his speech. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that in addition to Jiang Chaoliang, many provincial officials in his speech, have the "under the banner name of my personal affairs" situation to say "no". "Do not hit me on the cover of anything, or blame me disowned the Xinhua News Agency reported, Xi Jinping served as the leading cadres, each work will warn friends and family: can not engage in any business activities in my work place, do not hit me on the cover of anything, or blame me no one". Whether it is Fujian, Zhejiang or work in Shanghai, Xi Jinping cadres at the General Assembly solemnly declare: no one is allowed to fight his banner for personal gain, and welcome everyone to monitor. November 21, 2012, Zhang Gaoli, Secretary of the CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee in his speech, but also specifically stressed: I hope the city’s cadres and the masses to continue to carry out strict supervision. In the future, if someone with my relatives, friends or staff to work under the banner, whether it is true or false, or three words: not a reception, two do not give face, must not be allowed to work three." "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) combing public reports found that first put forward this argument, is the former chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Li wan. In July 24, 2010 the "people’s Daily" (Overseas Edition) published an article on the disclosure, 10000 served as vice premier of the State Council, on the request of the family "more severely than in the past": "not only provides for them to visit Zhongnanhai, but also provides no matter when, no person is allowed under the banner of the name of his personal affairs. Especially personal job promotion, job transfer, and no specific details for his red telephone call, no Gongjusiyong etc.." "Leading cadres in high positions, there will be people panlongfufeng" and "politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that Liu Qibao early in the Sichuan office, told the name of the leadership cadres under the banner of "phenomenon, there have been a critical interpretation. In December 2010, when the Sichuan provincial Party Secretary Liu Qibao in the provincial economic work conference, said leading cadres should "resist unhealthy practices": "leading cadres in high positions, there will be people panlongfufeng even hit 8相关的主题文章: