Tomorrow bottom of the lilies significant trading try for the main intention of violence law iptd-651

Tomorrow: bottom of the lilies significant trading try for the main intention of violent law this paper involved the analysis of the marketing strategy is not representative of the card network point of view, not as investors buy or sell stocks on the stock market risk, the investment must be cautious. Editor’s note: the market showed a significant adjustment on Thursday. Market participants generally believe that the end of the month before the market is still in shock consolidation trend, the market outlook is still patiently waiting for the emergence of new hot power of. Operation on the short-term cautious operation, waiting for the trend is clear, grasp the long-term market. So tomorrow A shares will be how to interpret? Investors will be how to operate? Look at all the masters and the latest research institutions. Guangzhou Bandung: This is the bottom of the lilies important rules to the final blow? Under the joint efforts of several big bad, black Thursday as scheduled, the two cities rose only stocks of only more than and 700, disk general fell. However, the afternoon rebound created a golden bottom, the more highlight an important rule of the current round of market. Since the A shares from the beginning of the 2800 start, 6 root tiaokongdikai line there were three months, coincidentally, after a similar line, the market will recover in a short period of time, then start upside. As of August 1st the market suddenly fell upward is in the early fall, when the aftermath, the root upward small line once let some investors shouted the end of the market for matter, but then is long continued to force, eventually won the 3100, sing the air was made slapped. Then, seventh tiaokongdikai line today turned out, it indicates that this is the final blow to the market is about to Guaitou? Eight consecutive days have callback index fell from a high, if the market appears again to fall further, rarely gathered popularity will vanish. Guangzhou Bandung believes that in the G20 time window, a strong impetus to national team stability. As the most important participants in the current market, the national team’s backing is very strong, therefore, A shares stabilized in the short term, the end of this stumble endlessly trend is greater. Today’s decline came mainly from the early low, and is constantly short intraday pay, no start, is obvious to people you sell into kinetic energy attenuation, the air force is to be released and exhausted, many of the jedi! So we should not be scared today gapped down hang back, this is a good time approach instead of picking up cheap. For good performance, and the depth of the main layout of the leading good stock, when the market will usher in a little rest on the callback of the opportunity, and the current market there is no speculation Dafengkou, investors cautious attitude and partial background, the reform of state-owned enterprises, pharmaceutical sector is particularly sought after by the funds, such as the Oriental entrepreneurship 10 days rose up to 31.50%, again today Huashenjituan market volume trading out of the recent record high, so this remarkable rush to raise enthusiasm, we should focus on the two main. (Guangzhou Bandung)相关的主题文章: