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Tomorrow, your home is ready to eat it, what dumplings? Sohu and "Lidongben misdemeanows dumplings bowl, freeze an ear nobody!" in the north of our country, it is the custom of eating dumplings, why do you want to eat dumplings in winter? Winter autumn is solar term, the meaning of our past is a farming community, labor a people of the year, the beginning of winter one day to rest by the way a reward, one family years of hard work. There is a proverb "Lidong fill the winter air fill the mouth" is the best analogy. In the northern region, will use love dumplings as winter tonic food. Ingredients: – materials – pickled cabbage dumplings dumplings 250 grams; spicy cabbage 100 grams; 180 grams of minced meat; 150 grams of fresh letinous edodes accessories: 4 chive root; salt; oil amount practice 1 letinous edodes 2 pot add chopped wash oil, put in the end of 3 letinous edodes fried soft spicy cabbage chopped green onion, stir fry; and good letinous edodes to join in the meat dumpling wrapper, stirring up 4, add the amount of 5 meat stuffing to make dumplings, I will pack a Kazakhstan 6 steamed for 15 minutes – pork dumplings – Lotus material ingredients: pork 400 grams; lotus root 800 grams; 500 grams of flour; 300 grams of water materials: 1 egg; onion 1 trees; ginger 1 pieces; 2 tablespoon soy sauce 2 tbsp sesame oil;; salt amount practice 1 pork yourself with a knife chop, choose two or eight fat thin Three fat seven thin pork, is not good, we must own meat was delicious, not lazy; put the meat in the pot, transferred amount of salt, soy sauce, egg, chopped green onions finely chop ginger are put in, put a tasty pickled meat stuffing. At the same time, the surface and good, and to moderate hardness, put aside 2 Xing meat stuffing mix, pickled ten minutes; lotus root slice, peel off the skin, cut into strips, then cut into cubes, then chopped, I love a little granular, eating a clear sense of the lotus 3 into the marinated meat stuffing Er, add a little salt and sesame oil, mix well, do 4 stuffing softened dough growth cone, with a knife cut into a small pieces, sprinkle a little dry adhesion, with a rolling pin roll into a thin edge middle slightly thick dumpling stuffing into 5 the dumplings, wrapped in one of the dumplings; boiling water, into the dumplings, with spoon along the edge of the pan gently push the dumplings to prevent sticking to the pot, then cover the pot, boil three times of water, then after you can remove and enjoy it – Ingredients: ingredients – Sam sun dumplings dumpling flour 750 grams 420 grams of water; accessories: chives 500 grams; egg 3; shrimp 35 grams; pork 600 grams; corn oil 4 tablespoons salt; 3 tablespoons sesame oil; 2 tbsp ginger; 2 tablespoons; 4 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoon oyster sauce; 1 leek into practice leek end, add 1 tablespoons of corn oil and 1 teaspoon of salt and mix well! The purpose is to avoid leek water! 2 pork with ginger, corn oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt and stir the same direction. 3 put it in the pot相关的主题文章: