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Top 90% companies in the industry is facing a death – Sohu with the new energy automotive technology advances, more and more new energy vehicles into the Chinese family. In the new energy technology booming, while China’s electric vehicle market is experiencing a brutal growth after the big reshuffle. The Chinese electric car market long-term in a stage of rapid development, industry growth is not perfect, with the development of new energy vehicles industry ills deeply, completely unmasked. According to read financial statistics, as of early 2016, the domestic electric vehicle production enterprises are about 200 or so, of which only two enterprises to obtain relevant national license. Some foreign media pointed out that China’s electric vehicle industry if not constrained, there may be a tragic scene of the collapse of the industry. The state has not been on the sidelines of the electric vehicle industry, and the government has been controlling the number of electric vehicles. And continue to improve the industry access threshold, strengthen the production of enterprise standards and production management. Insiders revealed that the top industry practitioners want to control at around 10, but the number of restrictions on the number of enterprises does not seem to achieve expectations. According to read financial access to statistical data show that China in 2015 annual sales of 331092 new energy vehicles, the number China help surpass the U.S. to become the world’s largest new energy vehicle market. According to the China automobile industry association data show that by 2015, China’s new energy vehicle sales will grow by more than 10 times. Industry production chaos is not the only problem, enterprise cheat up phenomenon is also a serious problem that the industry will have to face. As the Chinese government is committed to the development of new energy automotive industry, so the government subsidies for the production of enterprises is not a small investment. Some electric vehicle manufacturers use false sales to cheat state subsidies, this black hole is getting bigger and bigger, making the country had to start to punish. According to Japan’s Fuji business newspaper reported that the Chinese government is developing new technology standards, to reduce the number of manufacturers to 10. China Automobile Industry Association official pointed out that the purpose of strengthening the regulation is to ban small businesses. Insiders also pointed out that the purpose of improving the industry standard is actually a process of screening and shuffling, up to 90% of the practitioners may be the subject will disappear forever. MIIT announced on August 2016, all electric business vendors must have 17 technologies, and extensive public opinion. The items listed in the draft include the management system for judging the performance and safety of the vehicle, the information system that can track the source and quality of the main parts, and the recycling of the old batteries. With the improvement of the access threshold and technical requirements, I believe that the electric vehicle industry is bound to usher in a big reshuffle and more healthy growth. The article cited reference information, 0Fweek new energy automotive network data from the original, not authorized not reproduced!相关的主题文章: