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"Real men 2" this week Yang Micheng wisdom – digital pronunciation test as the "real" entertainment Sohu 2 men this week   digital pronunciation test; entertainment Sohu jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? Air force article is Hunan TV fiery staged. Before the three phase of the program, the air force recruits at Raytheon commandos completed initial test to "qualified soldiers" road. This Friday night, a new phase of the program, the new recruits will enter the air force ace forces — the hero camp, a new environment and a new round of challenge officially struck, eight Air Force recruits will continue to hold high morale calm readiness attention. The first phase of the program, Yang Mi’s "memory" has the advantage of showing Pojianerchu trend, more to look forward to the training camp hope tone said more study memory project, and in this period the hero camp, the large power power finally, "digital pronunciation teaching scene to show" memory king "style. "Good memory" and "Curve Wrecker", Yang Mi on these labels I believe we are not unfamiliar, but seeing is believing, the first phase of the program, Yang Mi Wang Wei and Yang Yuan point out the accurate monitor and the origin of the age, and the accurate parameters in the study of firearms blurted out coefficient, strength of remarkable memory. On Saturday the happy camp program, Yang Mi and Sheenah He Jiong, respectively, digital memory PK, two men, the large power power with "absolute advantage the 19 rolling" in 20, recruits his comrades in the envy also have a surprising look, want to have after training camp Tiexue Yang Mi, in the face of increasingly confident memory test. This Friday evening show, "digital pronunciation teaching field has become a major highlight of the fully deserve. As Arabia’s military digital reading, digital pronunciation can improve the digital identification, is to guide the military communication professional indispensable means of communication. To guide the hero camp, "digital pronunciation" learning is a compulsory course for new recruits, repeated training, instructors were reported to recruit people into a number of "digital pronunciation", facing the process of new recruits is the double test of digital time memory and correct pronunciation of the conversion, in Huang Zitao, Jiang Jinfu blueheart, Zhang suffered a "group off" embarrassing situation, Yang Mi can reverse the situation wit "to save the market; face the instructor for its" tailored "enhanced version test, large power power and how the challenge calmly, smooth customs clearance, on Friday night program will be able to know. From the first station to the second station of the Thor commandos to guide camp hero, Yang Mi always with a "competitor" to cope with various challenges, in the face, not good at training programs to overcome the fear, unremittingly; face advantage project test, large power power is the operational head free from arrogance and impetuosity. A new journey has sounded the clarion call that the recruits in the guide camp hero and will bring us what kind of surprise it continuously, the night of November 11th 20:20, Hunan satellite TV "real man" in season second? Air force article to wait.相关的主题文章: