Two months, the death of three friends Sun Li life is a serious

Two months, the death of a friend of Sun Li: life is a serious change in life, Sun Li micro-blog late in the night, August 27th, issued a document called the death of the three friends in the past two months, with the impermanence of life, should be serious about life in the world, said. 25, the former president of Hairun film and television, Mr. Zhao Zhijiang died, on the 26, Sun Li issued a document: I really can not believe that a few months ago, we met in Beijing, was the last time……" Sun Li (data) Sun Li micro-blog original text: in the past two months, there are around three friends, left the world…… At the same time, I will lament the impermanence of life…… We have any reason not to live a good life, serious life, treat yourself, treat people around you. Earlier reports: Sun Li is poor to 1 yuan sale of old clothes? In fact, the name will be a day! Source: Phoenix gossip WeChat public number 2016-08-04 recently searched the Internet, Sun Li, the browser will automatically default display grocery store boss, sell idle items and other information. Little sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) was shocked, do we actually one empress poor to the Internet to sell idle? A look at micro-blog, Xiaomei (WeChat public number: entifengvip) found that, as early as last month, the empress put the outlet that they are selling online idle, also said that doing business is not easy, determined to shoot. This move has attracted the attention of netizens, have sought links". So the empress announced in August 2nd of shop names follow up a victory with hot pursuit, and commodity shots, said "welcome to". Look at this screenshot, from clothes to Goods are available in all varieties. play, and on children’s clothing, it seems no less to the empress flowers and money etc.. It seems the empress popularity is very good, micro-blog, not only the husband Deng Chao Chen, forwarding support, even Jiang Xin also help crying. Little sister (WeChat public number: entifengvip) out of curiosity, also Qucourenao looked at the empress idle shop, found the shop merchandise is very rich, toddler, Zara cowboy hat to more than 1 thousand packets, two thousand yuan Burberry Filag for women’s shoes from a baby Goods are available in all varieties. For example, the price of cabbage in the hat and rush to open eight hours before have nearly one hundred thousand pageviews ~ there are many lovely children, and so on are and flowers through a new or is idle, the price is also very conscience. Mother will be very caring for each commodity description with voice notes, clear the real situation of the goods to inform the buyer ~ no wonder netizens have said "now even full-time Taobao to do so due to the owner, the empress is really out of the seller". For example, in the description of the speech Straw cup in the west to describe Keaizhichu racking their brains to think of the cup, people laughing. And this small toys, the empress voice is described as "plush allergic kids not to buy". There are many shops. Their stuff, like the headset, the empress will tell you 09 years to buy, do not care about the time to buy, but also real upright oh. Sun Li will also have their shoes in the shop are big, jewelry, but the price is very close to the People ^相关的主题文章: