Two thieves steal 80 Mongolia stockings 27 – in the New District suffers polartec

Two thieves steal 80 Mongolia stockings 27 District suffers Beijing – Shandong radio and television news reported in October 8th according to "chat", the cat waist, walked step, eyes in the night light, head and two ears, sneaking in the streets of the shuttle in the dead of night. This dress is not dry out, what a good thing, and the man together with another person, they this dress is mainly in order to deceive the public. Whenever they went home, have changed. Rushan City, a residential property owners told reporters, more than five in the morning and found a home to open the door, home things stolen. After a few days, another district was stolen, or from the outside of the building to climb into the. According to reports, the recent occurrence of a number of burglary cases in Rushan District, the basic crime in the middle of the night, and the owners sleep time. Found through the transfer of residential surveillance, it looks like two thieves and aliens, is actually the head set of silk stockings. After investigation, the two thieves often in Yantai Haiyang generation activities. After careful deployment, the two thieves were arrested. It is understood that the two thieves steal from Haiyang to Rushan, more than and 80 from burglary, 27 District suffers, involving 200 thousand yuan in cash and jewelry.相关的主题文章: