Under the wave of artificial intelligence, Baidu Unicom cooperation to achieve a small goal – Sohu T g227

Under the wave of artificial intelligence, Baidu China Unicom cooperation to achieve the objective of a small Sohu in eleven double technology, always online frenzy, offline businesses complain or be lonely, the annual event of Internet bound, involuntarily, or a deserted house, can not extricate them alone, in the process of Internet tentacles from online transactions to the line service extension what, how to make cooperative mode Internet platform and traditional enterprises from taking PK evolution to two-way diversion, enabling each other win-win situation? Online virtual of traditional business at this stage mainly show the advantage of Internet channels in space development, from a variety of artificial Festival electricity supplier to make mining economy lazy home service, play fast. However, the traditional economic Internet platform overhead charges can be heard without end a long time, the usual OTT model by building the online platform for traditional enterprise’s products and services to the top closure, relying on subsidies or short-term dividend flow stimulation, enterprises and users may in particular stage may benefit from the long term, just increase the middle link service, and there is no obvious improvement of the format and cost structure, often destroyed more than innovation. Early such as Skype, WeChat and later very influential pieces, after rapid aggregation traffic and demand, without exception is craving for excess monopoly bonus. This requires the Internet platform to extricate from the short-term effect, the brutal expansion to burn the competition, to avoid excessive overdraft of the traditional economic form, to using advanced technology and large data integration and real industry depth. Through the Internet online and offline to help traditional industries, strategic cooperation with China Unicom recently Baidu provides a template. As one of the Chinese three communications service provider, China Unicom is facing the profound strategic transformation, through it in the era of the 3G and the Apple iPhone smart mobile phone popularity caught the cooperation opportunity, but in the mobile era, a huge line million Direct stores and 30 stores under the cooperation composed of sales and service system is becoming an information on the island, bear the sales target and business at the same time, how to develop more application scenarios, improve the effective output ratio is the important strategic considerations. Which is the Internet platform is Baidu’s advantage, this synergistic effect is manifested in 4 aspects: depth, big data associated with the accurate marketing similar Unicom that operators have improved after many years of accumulation of business lines and tariff system optimization, in the depth of data mining has its own experience, short board is the integration of resources and service capabilities, while Baidu is in the forefront of technology outbreak period, opened in Beijing last year, the Baidu line experience center, will focus on the 122 intelligent hardware, brings together the voice and face recognition, secret voice assistant and other cutting-edge technology of image display. It can be imagined that these technologies are applied to Unicom store in the service scene, how to perfect the promotion of brand image promotion and precision data marketing combination. The technical reconstruction of the traditional business of Baidu’s product matrix will also help China Unicom to use technology to reconstruct the business model, can provide.相关的主题文章: