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US $5 billion valuation figure after line this year second technology Sohu IPO- technology Texun November 17th news: in late August, the MiTo company listed in Hong Kong News and discussion has not been interrupted, the relevant media reports pointed out that Mito fund-raising amounted to $1 billion, or $5 billion valuation. Previously, Washington Post pointed out that the United States is just standing on the two point of the development trend of the intersection: the popularity of mobile phones in China, and the rise of Chinese women." And said that the United States is shaping China’s entrepreneurial culture. Related analysis pointed out that the company entered the China Internet Corporation TOP10 almost no suspense, and will become the world’s second largest after this year’s Line technology class IPO. Since the 2008 launch of the first product of Meitu Xiu Xiu, Mito company has changed its users to create and share a beautiful way. Around the core idea of the design company "smart and simple" image, innovation and community application of matrix Mito as of June 30, 2016 has been in the global 1 billion 100 million independent equipment activation, and set off a wave of self in China, established in China and global self position technology. June 2016, the total number of monthly active users of the company’s total application of about 446 million people, an increase of 81%. According to App Annie, in order to download, Mito products have repeatedly ranked among the world’s top 8 iOS non game developers list. Behind these data is the company’s continued pursuit of the user experience and the user’s precise grasp. In addition to most Chinese Meitu Xiu Xiu Mito company for having heard it many times, currently developed and launched 23 applications, has a total of 6 core applications, including Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty shot, beauty camera, the number of monthly active users of more than 100 million people Jun. As Mito company currently has the most social attributes of the product beauty shot in June 2016, the number of monthly active users reached 141 million people." Large and active users, has been one of the reasons why the company is optimistic about the industry and the media. In addition, the company’s proprietary proprietary data analysis and leading technology strength, strong brand awareness and a strong platform for collaborative investors and the industry is also full of expectations. The prospectus said, since the MiTo company since the 2011 launch of Meitu Xiu Xiu released more than 130 updated versions, each version to cater to the user aesthetic and the latest graphic preferences. The huge amount of data generated by the user, has become an important foundation to support the company’s cutting-edge technology research. For example, through the calibration of millions of photos, the company’s own face recognition algorithm can quickly and accurately identify the location and shape of facial features. It is understood that, as of June 30, 2016, Mito company has registered more than 100 patents, and holds the copyright of the 94 software programs. It is intended to extend the research scope to machine learning, virtual reality and augmented reality in order to improve the functionality of the product. In addition, the company’s product applications have formed a strong platform for cross promotion. This synergistic effect in the introduction of new applications, especially相关的主题文章: