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The vehicle OBD brings security risks those old driver persuade you not installed as well – car Sohu "Taobao" changed people’s "shopping", "Tencent" changed people’s "communication", "balance of treasure" to change people’s "money", "Alipay" has changed people "payment", "taxi drops" to change people’s "travel", these companies are using the Internet to change our traditional way of life, the Internet is derived from the "emerging industry" car networking will have outstanding performance of our car life in what way? All organs of car networking technology has long note, today I would like you to talk about the Chinese car networking situation. The difference between Telematics and car networking said the car networking, have to mention Telematics (vehicle information system), some people think that the car networking is Telematics, but the old drivers think: Telematics and car networking are interrelated and different. The use of mobile network, Telematics provides users with a variety of information on the necessary driving and life, is also a service, such as real-time traffic, vehicle positioning, navigation services, location services and so on; and networking is the embodiment of the real-time data interconnection between cars and trucks, cars and road vehicles with nets, cars and people. The application of a wider range of application scenarios more. Therefore, the user is to obtain services through Telematics, and through the car networking is the service + a wide range of applications". The application of the car networking in the automotive aftermarket has a wide range of applications, especially in the automotive aftermarket. Vehicle networking can do? A few years ago, many manufacturers and TSP operators to OBD as a vehicle networking banner, that can be installed through the vehicle OBD to improve customer stickiness management, customer marketing two times. For a time from the previous year on the market four OBD products, including telecom operators have launched a different version of OBD. But after a period of time after the storm found the owner do not buy it for OBD, through the survey data show that the owners of OBD in the completion of the vehicle data acquisition and analysis tasks after no useless, no sticky at all, just a gimmick or detection tool. This is the manufacturers, operators and service providers do not want to see the most. How can we improve the sticky management of customers? Next, with more and more mobile phone APP interesting, various manufacturers began to follow suit with the intelligent navigation, intelligent voice recognition system, transceiver WeChat, online multimedia applications ported to the on-board equipment, application scenarios with vehicle application scene but mobile phone APP is completely different, on the one hand it is not convenient for users to operate and its effect is of much help to the real needs of the owners did not, on the other hand, fun things will drive to bring some security risks. China’s car networking is more emphasis on the Internet based information and entertainment services, which is used in the United States to solve the security and reduce congestion in real-time car networking, there is a lot of!相关的主题文章: