Video – students are more likely to steal After the thief was released from prison specifically for

Video – students are more likely to steal? The thief was released from prison after safety Zhuantou students [comment] although only junior high school culture, but a Chongqing man posing as a college student, wearing T-shirts and jeans at the universities, stealing money from students. In October 24th, the reporter learned from the Chongqing Jiulongpo police that the man was captured by the police. At the end of August this year, Jiulongpo police received the alarm of college students said they were put in the classroom, notebook computer and other belongings stolen, through in-depth analysis of judgments, the police found the case occurred in Chengdu, Chongqing two more colleges theft techniques and similar very quickly by the police to catch the suspects tang. The same period [] (Jiulongpo District of Chongqing City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment police Li Youchao) after the scene asked the victim, asked students. Students did not find anything unusual, there is no relevant suspects. We then obtain a surveillance video of the school outside the classroom and school campus. Find a suspicious person in and out of school at the time of the crime. [interpretation] this year, 31 year old Tang theft has been handled by the public security organs for the three time. According to Tang account, just after the release of Tang returned to Chongqing, and began to steal. And before the difference is that the previous Tang caught the lessons of theft object aimed at college students, especially college students’ safety consciousness just school, new school is thin, the personal belongings randomly placed in the classroom. [the same period] (a college student Zhang) is that I go to dinner at noon, and then come back to get the computer when it is not found in the cupboard. [comment] Tang masquerading as college students into the classroom to steal, while Tang in front of students in many houses, but never caused by the presence of the students’ attention, succeeded after the theft of calm escape. The same period [] (Jiulongpo District of Chongqing City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment police Li Youchao Tang) he disguised himself as a college students into our area, while the students entered after lunch time, that is the student beside self-assured or supercilious, rest in learning, he put on the desk unattended laptop computer and mobile phone stolen on the side. I feel very easily left after stealing. [comment] police remind college students leave the classroom in laboratories and other places must shut the doors and windows, and take your valuables, also can ask the students or teachers took care, so as not to give criminals can take advantage of the machine. Nanran Jia Jian Chongqing reported相关的主题文章: