Wang Sicong I’m not rich two generation, I don’t want to be a net cancam

Wang Sicong: I am not rich two generation, I do not want to when the network red Sina entertainment news yesterday, micro-blog came out of the top of a section of Wang Sicong’s own Hello! The goddess "program and the contestants exchange video, not only frequent dialogue" on the part of various Tucao players disappointed quality "," talent "," this is what the female Chinese paper, Mulan is now ", saying" do not seek death will not die, it is in response to a question player when I said "never take himself as a rich two generations, rich people do not have the money people are people." Mention Wang Sicong, will think of the national husband, Wang Wang network, entertainment Discipline Inspection Committee, the rich two generations and other labels. From the video, we can see that Wang Sicong is more real. Poison tongue reviews to respond to the net player, red and two rich generation "label, and show the original intention and Capricorn man’s career outlook. Video, Wang Sicong is also the first to talk about the program to do the standard and original intention: do a program, draft or, or do a good company, can not be in accordance with their tastes, to determine what is the taste of everyone." "The work and career are two different things, work may be a cheque. You choose a career, you have to create value for the people to contribute to society." Turning to the "rich two generation" view, he said: "I have never regarded myself as the rich generation, I only think of myself as a person.". There’s no difference between them. The word itself is not two rich generation commendatory terms, not derogatory, is a neutral word is an adjective." Wang Sicong’s remarks on the network attracted heated debate, friends said, this is a very unique Wang Sicong has been pretty handsome, but also often say some amazing language, really enough." There are friends directly to see this show is running Wang Sicong, fans smile." In addition, Wang Sicong also stressed that men must have their own business, the money does not mean success, the strength to be respected and recognized. "I don’t feel successful, not successful end point, it is never too old to learn, this road no end point." It is understood that the recording by Wang Sicong to participate in the Hello! Goddess is currently broadcast live.相关的主题文章: