Watson biological difficult seek self-help 700 million yuan to sell hot subsidiary mycoolboy

Watson biological difficult seek self-help 700 million yuan to sell "hot" subsidiary hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you each reporter Yan Falls Silver Chan "Shandong illegal vaccine series of cases has been in the past few months, Watson is still living in the center of the storm of torment. The morning of September 21st, Watson biological bursts of announcement, said intends to clear transfer subsidiary real Jie 45% stake to Derun biological day in cash transactions, transfer to Yuxi woyun real Jie biological 40% equity, the transaction price is determined as 697 million yuan. After the completion of this transaction, real Jie biological branch will also be drawn from Watson biological branch. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that the first half of 2016, Watson biological net profit also showed a dramatic decline, a loss of more than 160 million yuan; at the same time, by the impact of new vaccines, the vaccine distribution platform for many years to build the battered, almost stagnant. "For this company, how to use the plate of the listed company, not to waste, is the most critical." One analyst said that this is also the logic behind the operation of Watson biological. Sell subsidiaries with the market had expected, suspended for more than 4 months or wosen biological real Jie biological this "hot potato" sold. In March of this year, Jie Jie was involved in the case of illegal operation of the vaccine in Shandong, has been revoked drug business license and the termination of the National SME share transfer system listed. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that real Jie biological equity took over the party Derun day clear, Yuxi woyun were actually "own people". Executive partner Derun day clear for Wang Wenhua, but also the real chairman and general manager Jay bio, other than the limited partner also occupies an important position in the real Jie Biological Association ltd.. According to the data of the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Yuxi woyun natural person shareholder of Li Yunchun, investment 316 million yuan, the total contribution rate of 99%. Li Yunchun is also a major shareholder and legal representative of Watson’s life. Watson also said that the transaction constitutes a connected transaction. The real Jie Jie off from the listed company plate, although it is the right hand left hand, but the main purpose is to safeguard the interests of shareholders, after all, is now the real ability to worry about Jie biological." A pharmaceutical listed company executives told reporters. In fact, in recent years, Watson biological vaccine distribution platform, to create a lot of work. Reporters learned that the total cost of 1 billion 117 million yuan acquisition of Ningbo real Jie Puno, biology, medicine, union and Chongqing Shengtai Gabriel times Ning shares; then the Chongqing times, and all of the assets of Ningbo Shengtai pharmaceutical Punuo Ning Injection real Jie biological, to build the country’s largest vaccines and other biological products sales channels platform. It is worth noting that the resale price of equity real Jie biological compared to the previous investment has shrunk dramatically. "Although the price has not reached the investment price相关的主题文章: