WCBA match – Beijing hand in hand to qualify for the second phase of the top 6 in Guangdong-magicq

WCBA playoff – Beijing in Guangdong to reach the second stage before the 6 Beijing women’s basketball women’s basketball team wins the Bayi sina sports news Beijing time on the night of November 15th, the first phase of 2016-17 WCBA regular season (South Division Series) launched a playoff second leg contest. Liaoning 66-74 home court loss to the Guangdong team, Beijing team lost 56-81 to Bayi home court. Comprehensive two round results, the Beijing team, the Guangdong team eventually qualify for the first stage of the six group of the second. Liaoning 66-74 Guangdong (the first round, Guangdong 67-70 Liaoning) of the game, the Liaoning team scored in double figures 3, of which 25 Bonnie points and 12 rebounds, Liang Jiamei 14 points and 6 rebounds, 12 points and 7 boards Cheng feng. The Guangdong team scored in double figures 4, Liefuqinke 21 points and 22 rebounds, Huang Sijing 17 points and 5 rebounds, 12 points to the East, Shen Yi 10. Bayi 56-81 Beijing (first leg, Beijing 73-67 Bayi) this game, Bayi team scored 3 pairs of men, including Sun Mengxin’s 10 points, Wang Xuemeng, the score of 10 points, and then, at the end of the game, the score of. Beijing team scored 5 pairs, including Shao Ting, Shi Xiufeng, 15 points, high praise of 14 points and 6 boards, Yang Banban, the 11 points, the score of the board of the board of the 12 points in the past 13, and the total score of the game is the same as that of. (bitter)相关的主题文章: