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WeChat small program how to look good and easy to use? Focus on the "awareness program" to learn about the latest information about small programs. From WeChat, public accounts, to WeChat to pay, and then to a small program, WeChat is gradually from an instant messaging tool into a "operating system". But the special thing is that WeChat’s cross platform operating system needs to take into account both iOS and Android two sets of UI standards. How to ensure that the development of small programs to take into account the interface between the two platforms style, and with WeChat’s own experience to maintain unity? Reading WeChat’s official design document is the most effective way. Which provides a large number of user interface examples, developers simply rely on this design document, you can make both beautiful and practical UI and interactive mode. In order to help you quickly understand the design document, awareness program (micro signal zxcx0101) prepared a special interpretation of this document, not only will the design document length is reduced to 1/2, still at the end of the paper, an increase of mobile application design and web program with the traditional UI design is the difference. Now, just take half the time to read this article, you can master all the points of the design document. Note: This article focuses on small program developers and UI designers. If you want to learn a small program based on zero, please continue to pay attention to know the program (micro signal zxcx0101) follow-up. Small program official interpretation of the basic rules of WeChat design document small program design documents will design examples all is divided into four parts, respectively is: in addition, WeChat also provides some easy for developers to use components, these components can be used directly in the official WeChat small program in IDE. Design documents are also described in detail for this part of the components, including the scope of each component. At the same time, it also provides Sketch and Photoshop design template, easy for UI designers to use directly. The awareness program (micro signal zxcx0101): not too much design experience developers use WeChat to provide the best possible component style, so in the condition of rapid development, ensure the small program user experience. 1 friendly and polite WeChat officials want to focus on the small program to solve the user’s current problems, to do a housekeeper, rather than the user to deal with the problem, has been the creation of interference salesman. First of all, each page should focus on a key function, can not have nothing to do with the function. For example, the function of the search page should be "search", irrelevant to the search function or content (such as banner ads and induce search keywords promotion, etc.) should be removed as far as possible. For example, if you add unwanted information to the search page, the navigation of the page should follow the user’s expectations. For example, when a user jumps into a page, a small program should not pop up ads that are unrelated to it. Official fault.相关的主题文章: