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Health What are the symptoms of menopause is a series of articles dealing with the symptoms of menopause. This article is about one of the most commons menopause symptoms: irregular periods. One of the most common symptoms of menopause is irregular periods, which for many women, is one of the first symptoms. It is generally considered normal to miss two periods in a one year period. More than that and you should consult your physician. During and before menopause irregular periods can vary wildly. Sometimes it means heavy periods, followed by light periods. Other times it means the periods suddenly become very regular, then suddenly there are several missed months. Experiencing irregular periods can be quite unnerving because of the constant changes taking place. Often there are accompanying menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, and insomnia. What causes irregular periods? Irregular periods are a result of the function of the ovaries. Before menopause, the ovaries send out an egg in the process of ovulation. In the event that the egg is fertilized, the hormones estrogen and progesterone are produced. If the egg is not fertilized and implanted, the hormones are excreted and you have a period. How can you tell when menopause begins? Technically, menopause if usually considered to begin if you miss your period for one year. Many women might stop having a period for six or eight months, then suddenly it returns. This is normal and gradually the time between periods increases until it finally ceases. Each woman is unique and there are really no hard and fast rules. What about heavy bleeding? There are many causes for heavy bleeding. Often it is due to stress, poor nutrition, and emotional turmoil. There are also unknown causes for heavy bleeding. In this case the ovaries do not produce an egg and the hormones are excreted at very high levels. Normally progesterone is secreted to counteract the estrogen, but when this does not happen there can be heavy bleeding from the uterus. What can be done about irregular periods? It is recommended that you first consult your physician. A Pap smear and an annual pelvic examination is a good idea. Some doctors find success using birth control pills to regulate periods. Many women do not want to take contraception and want to understand the physiological causes for their irregular periods. It is always a good idea to eat healthy food, get adequate exercise, reduce stress and get plenty of rest. Using a high quality vitamin/mineral supplement is also advisable. About the Author: Randy Hough This all started when a therapist asked Randy what his secret was. This led to a search for safe and natural remedies for the stresses of modern life. Our site, http://safemenopauserelief.com has well researched information on products and methods to help you. 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