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Reference-and-Education A Solar Lab Technician essentially works in Research & Development for a solar energy company. A Solar Lab Technician would work on the design, production, installation, and testing of new solar energy technologies. Consequently, this job requires a higher degree of technical knowledge and ability than would be required for a solar panel installer or repairman. The career outlook for a solar lab technician is very good. They make on average $22 to $27 dollars an hour. It requires a wider range of knowledge about solar technology. In addition to understanding standard photovoltaic solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity, but also the various applications of thermal solar cells, which convert sunlight into heat. Other areas include understanding passive solar systems, which optimize home windows and insulation to either absorb or reflect sunlight to achieve either heating or cooling, respectively. Finally, understanding how to focus mirrors to concentrate sunlight, and to use that resulting thermal energy to heat water for either home heating systems or steam turbine electricity production is a bonus. What Are the Qualifications for a Solar Lab Technician? To qualify for a Solar Lab Technician position, you would have to have a high degree of technical knowledge and experience. You would need to understand electronic engineering, architecture, development, fabrication, and testing. Other skills highly desired for this position would include experience operating the instruments, tools, and equipment used in developing new solar technologies. Knowledge of statistical methods, the ability to compile and analyze data, and to read graphs and charts is also necessary. At least a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering, electronics, physics, chemistry, or material science is required. Alternately, an Associate’s Degree in any of these subjects combined with at least two years of work experience in the field may be sufficient for some companies. What Type of Person Is Good for This Position? As in any research and development position, collaboration and teamwork is crucial. This requires good communication and social skills, the ability to work collaboratively under supervision, and take direction. Another important ability is knowing when to admit defeat, and when to refer more complex technical issues to coworkers and supervisors. Engineers tend to welcome a challenge, attack a problem with vigor, but also are reluctant to give up on a technical problem they can’t solve. Although these are all admirable qualities, it a team environment it can be inefficient. Other personality traits good for this position include excellent math skills, analysis and problem solving ability, and pride in precision work. About the Author: is the #1 green careers website on Google. We have the most comprehensive database of articles on green jobs. Whatever your stage of life, we have you covered. Green careers, green training, and green entrepreneurship articles are only a small part of our exhaustive green career site. There are tremendous upsides to having a green career. ..GreenCareersGuide.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: