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.puters-and-Technology An electronic cigarette starter kit is a must in the electronic cigarette industry. The electronic cigarette starter kit is aimed at supplying the product user with different choices of electronic cigarettes, including parts and accessories. He needs the electronic cigarette starter kit to facilitate his transition from smoking real tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. People who are new to the electronic cigarette must buy a starter kit because it makes the transition easier and smoother for him. The starter kit also makes sure you are doing the right thing because it .es with a manual. A typical electronic cigarette starter kit .es with 2 batteries, battery chargers, 2 atomizers and several cartridges that offer different flavors. Some starter kits offer three ways to charge your battery so that you can charge them at home, in your car and in your laptops USB charging unit. With these different ways to charge your batteries, you are assured of 24-hour usage of your electronic cigarette. Other kits have a PPC, or personal charging case, which allows you to recharge a battery on-the-go. There are other options available in the market. You only need to do a research about them on the Internet. You will be better guided in your choice if you are familiar with the parts of the electronic cigarette. In your online search for the best electronic cigarette starter kit, you will find several packages offered by different electronic cigarette manufacturers. We list down here some examples of what these manufacturers place inside their starter kits. Some packages contain five cartomizers, six pre-filled and refillable cartridges, two auto- or push-button manual batteries, one atomizer, a bottle of E-Liquid, one wall charger, one car adapter, and a hard-leather casing. Other starter kits have two atomizers, five prefilled cartridges, one bottle of E-Liquid, a leather case, one car charger adapter, one wall charger and a user manual. The user manual is important because it will guide you on what to do, especially since you are new to the electronic cigarette. Make sure that the starter kit you buy .es with a manual. If it doesnt have one, ask the store attendant to give it to you separately. The E-Liquid deserves special attention when you buy a starter kit. The E-Liquid is the .ponent of the electronic cigarette that is responsible for the taste of the product. The E-Liquid contains the nicotine and the flavoring, and some additional ingredients to make your electronic cigarette smoking experience more pleasurable. You can also make your own E-Liquid solution to refill your empty cartridges. But since you are new to the electronic cigarette, it is better that you start with prefilled cartridges. You will learn about how to mix your own E-Liquid over time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: