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What is yellow tea? Yellow tea is how to come? What are the yellow tea? Sohu – you know what to eat and drink Junshan Silver Needle Tea tea? Many friends will think it is green tea. But…… Although many manufacturers will do like Junshan Silver Needle Tea Green Tea green, but traditionally, Junshan Silver Needle Tea is yellow tea. According to the processing method is more authentic, Junshan Silver Needle Tea finished products of fat bud neat, the length of uniform size, bud is golden yellow, outer pekoe package, dubbed the "Jinxiangyu" title. So, what is yellow tea? Yellow tea is how to come? What are the yellow tea? What is the biggest difference between yellow tea and green tea? Below, the author gives a simple explanation. What is yellow tea? As we all know, the quality characteristics of Green Tea is that, as the name suggests, soup green leaves; the quality characteristics of yellow tea soup is yellow leaves. Map: weishanmaojian map: Decoction of weishanmaojian Decoction and leaves this is how to do? Tea experts have recognized the most from Green Tea is derived from the. The basic process is Green Tea fixing, rolling and drying. Among the two processes of fixing and drying with a "yellow" process, the tea is made of yellow tea. Although the quality characteristics of yellow tea is "yellow Decoction", but not all the leaves are yellow tea soup. For example Junshan Silver Needle Tea, not only the yellow tea, now more is to Green Tea processing Junshan Silver Needle Tea, like the yellow tea is the Shouzhou shoots natural yellow named as Anji white tea, according to the actual processing methods are Green Tea. There is speculation fire foot Green Tea, aged Green Tea, part of semi fermented Oolong Tea will show the characteristic yellow decoction, but actually without yellow yellow tea special process. Pure taste is not necessarily accurate to judge the yellow tea, because yellow tea has different varieties, different tenderness, as well as different processing methods, so the quality is far from. Our main basis for judging yellow tea is whether there is a "yellow" process. Two, yellow tea is how come? Many things in history have come from a beautiful mistake. Yellow tea is also the case. Yellow tea is made improper in the case of Green Tea, for example, the accumulation of long time in fixing and drying out, or the steaming time is too long, or roasted when the temperature is too low, too long, will let the tea leaves turn yellow. However, the improper work but the achievements of a tea category, the visible The path winds along mountain ridges., Nothing is too strange. Xu Ming Cishu said in his works "tea Shu": "the poor preparation method in food Bishan Gu, pan fire roasted firewood, not a kettle, already withered, she can use it. And to build giant bamboo community, by heat storage, although the green shoots Zisun, frequently chlorosis, only under the food, Kanpin Dou xi." Some people say is Green Tea improper methods, in the frying process, not a tea pot, have withered. With huge bamboo by hot tea to put together, so the tea immediately tan. This tea is tea but was inferior, but so is the Yellow tea. So, yellow tea is produced in the Ming Dynasty? Tea history does not seem to be clearly documented. And green tea相关的主题文章: