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What old Zhengzhou people eat breakfast? The old noodle house garden halal noodle shop in bustling, together with its breakfast is also very much from line. Because the distance is near the provincial capital, come here to eat breakfast diners are mostly government staff and their family members. The store clean and hygienic dining environment, but also really let customers are very reassuring. High quality and inexpensive meals, even if every kind of breakfast here to eat again, will not exceed 25 dollars. Environment: clean and sanitary, close to the provincial government. Address: four weft Road No. 16 of No. 1 Fu Yuan Hotel 2 floor (near five Street Politics) time: 06:00 – 21:00 price: 53 yuan in snack first heard mention of "soup", thought it was the name of Tom is complex and difficult to read "so what" instead, later to be friends laughed, "it was also writing what soup soup", in ancient times there, but also has the reputation of "the best in all the land of soup. Fried dumplings with meat, but the skin is a bit thick, large surface Deep-Fried Dough Sticks crisp, freshly fried soft inside, you can soak in what soup, taste together not only taste points, but also reduce the greasy feeling, but do not soak too long Oh, with chopsticks dipped slightly taste well, people eat satisfied. Taste a little more can also be a bowl of beef and spicy soup, the color of the dishes are also bright and lovely people very appetite. Comprehensive: not many species, but is simply what soup bean porridge with Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, nearby residents drop smoothly. Address: Xiang Sheng Road and the intersection of street time: 07:00 – 12:00 price: 10 yuan Ma billion store charge card bun consumption, the rest of the money can be refunded at the end of the card. One side of the operation room, while dining area. The store operates three meals a day, but mainly based on breakfast. Breakfast is rich, buns, spicy soup, porridge, cake, food, Soybean Milk dumplings, Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings. Steamed stuffed bun not only species, the price is also more affordable. The skin is thin mutton noodles, stuffing quite much, but only a piece of money! Mutton filling inside almost onion is worth our school 70 Fen buns a whole big. The store has a lot of soup, the most special is high-quality Hu soup, a bowl of ten pieces of the price a little expensive, but the inside of the meat is really quite real, not heavy and heavy taste spicy salty aroma, a little sesame, very different taste Oh ~ store homemade small Deep-Fried Dough Sticks soft. With a faint sweetness, collocation Hu soup is a good choice. Comprehensive: stores are quite good, the store also more benefits the overall variety of buns delicious address: seven road and Hongqi Road intersection north 100 meters west of the time: 06:30 – 20:00 price: 8 yuan high boss Hu soup steak steak Hu soup, into the store will point the food products, the surface of a common outlook, but it attracted thousands of people try to make light of travelling a thousand li the reason lies in that era of soaring prices, the store boss dare to dare to turn retrograde, really generous, can meet the need to fight the character of beef into a large piece of steak originally Hu soup, generous. Seeing the big thick steak, spicy meat, silk fiber is extremely strong, good chewing, and it is so big, so big, big people to tears, yuan相关的主题文章: