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UnCategorized If you listen to most intended parents and surrogate mothers, they are quick to tell you all about how wonderful a surrogate journey is. But not many will volunteer the bad things about surrogacy. And they do exist! It should be said that the overwhelming majority of surrogacy journeys are good. Surrogate mothers and intended parents get along perfectly, a nice healthy baby or two is born, and everyone is happy. But not all journeys go this way. Failed Transfers The idea of using a gestational surrogate mother is to have better odds of carrying a pregnancy via IVF. This is usually the case. But using a surrogate mother does not guarantee success. Sometimes a transfer will fail. Sometimes two transfers will fail. Sometimes three or four will fail before the surrogate mother and the intended parents part ways. This situation is devastating to both parties, as the surrogate mother feels she has failed her intended parents, and the intended parents have spent large amounts of money on the medical procedures with no baby to take home. For both, it is sometimes the end of their surrogacy days. Miscarriage or Birth Defects Even when using a surrogate, nothing is guaranteed. Miscarriages still can and do happen, as do birth defects. Not every journey ends with a perfect baby. Multiples and Preemies Because assisted reproductive techniques are being used, and because a surrogate by very definition is a healthy woman who is able to conceive unassisted, multiples are .mon in surrogacy. Anytime multiple fetuses are gestated there is an increased chance of premature birth. It is not un.mon for triplets or even twins to be born premature in a surrogate pregnancy. Sometimes, these multiples are considered micro preemies, and have developmental challenges or don’t survive. Falling Outs Falling outs happen between the surrogate mother and intended parents during some surrogacies. These usually occur because of one of two reasons: either the surrogate or intended parents misrepresented themselves prior to the pregnancy, or unexpected emotions such as jealousy and resentment spring up in the intended parents during the journey. In either case, such falling outs can cause long lasting damage to the relationship between surrogate and intended parents. These feelings can escalate to un.fortable situations, such as the surrogate not allowing the intended parents to .e to doctor’s appointments, or even the birth itself. On the other hand, intended parents may end up delaying reimbursements to the surrogate, or may cut off previously promised contact between the surrogate and the new family after the birth. This last situation is perhaps the most .mon bad thing that happens during surrogacy. Financial Concerns Though a contract is in place, many times a surrogate mother will find herself left with medical bills after a journey is .plete. Sometimes these bills are simply an oversight, but other times, intended parents do not .plete their financial obligations and the surrogate is forced to pay the bills or face damage to her credit report. Preventing a Bad Journey The easiest way to prevent a bad surrogacy journey is for both the intended parents and the surrogate mother to take things slow when matching. It is very important to be honest, not just with the other party, but with one’s self as well when considering issues of morals or ethics of surrogacy. Honesty, .munication, and respect will make nearly every journey go smoothly. And at the end of the day, a new baby has been brought into the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: