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Why do some mothers eat to cry, but also to eat? We’re in the middle of a day when everyone looks forward to the arrival of a child, but one of the things we don’t like in pregnancy. That’s early pregnancy reaction. Every day someone up the first thing is to wash, but the early response of mothers who are after all went to the Restroom spit speak again. It is not too much to eat, but always avoid morning sickness. There may be vomiting, but it may not really spit out. Usually in a month of pregnancy began to appear, but after 4 months will be reduced or disappear. Morning sickness is terrible, but also can not eat. Sometimes it is really something to eat to cry, but also to eat, do not eat their own nutrition is easy to keep up with you! Early pregnancy reaction is serious, pregnant women in the end how to eat? Eat less and eat more nutritious meals, but a small number of small meals instead of a big meal. You’ll find your appetite seems to be getting better and better. Before you get up in the morning, you can have a little bread or snack. In addition, in the course of eating, try not to drink beverages and soup, drink after an hour or so after drinking, nausea will be relatively low. Let food "beauty" up a lot of time, pregnant women do not like to eat the food is not because the taste is not good, but because the color impact is too large. Food to highlight the visual appeal. Under the same circumstances, the color with good food for pregnant women more attractive. Food color is bright, rich, can be very good to mobilize the appetite of pregnant women. Variety of food, to ensure adequate nutrition to choose their own ingredients pregnant women, you can choose a variety of ways to cook. Different ways, you can show the different side of the food. Different ways of cooking to avoid pregnant women have been eating vegetables a dull mind. The mood is happy, let you eat more happy mood, will directly affect the quality of pregnant women. Good mood, can be very good to alleviate morning sickness and early reaction of pregnant women on fear, thereby increasing appetite. Pregnant women must not rush to rest after meals, to give food digestion time. Pregnant women nutritional supplements are mainly dependent on food, so, as much as possible to increase the intake of pregnant women is no problem. However, if the morning sickness is very serious, we must pay attention to flexible, learn a variety of ways, nutritional supplements for pregnant women. At present, 200000+ Bao mother has joined dove WeChat doctor ID:air863 feel good, please like down here相关的主题文章: