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UnCategorized Ever wondered why some diets work, and others fail? Or better yet, why some work for some people, and the same diets fail for others? It’s because most diets aren’t easy – they’re designed to create inner conflict. The best weight-loss plan is the one you can stick with. This principle is so critical, yet almost universally overlooked. If you can’t stick with a program, it’s not going to work for you. But here’s the thing: if you can’t stick with it, don’t blame yourself. When it comes to diets, few people can stick to any program. Can you guess why? Because the problem is with the program, not the people. If you want to lose weight and keep it off forever, most diets can’t do it. Most programs either cut your calories or your favorite foods way back. They cut them back so far, that your body and your mind both go into survival mode. Let’s look at the body aspect first: when you don’t get enough to eat, your body thinks it’s in a famine, and it cuts back on the fuel it uses. You simply cannot lose weight if your body decides it won’t burn fat. It’s just like when you’re worried about money. You don’t go spend your savings, if you’re worried about your future. That’s the time when you typically reduce your spending. Your body works the same way. But now let’s look at the mental aspect of it. Think of it like you’ve got two distinct personalities living inside you. One is your inner skinny girl; the other is your inner epicurean. Here’s a definition of epicurean, which isn’t a common word: someone having "luxurious tastes or habits, esp. in eating and drinking." We all have an inner epicurean, to some degree. It’s the part of us who loves something really tasty; it’s also that part of us who loves to indulge in the extra-large double chocolate sundae with snickers on top. Our epicurean loves food, and loves to enjoy life! Your epicurean is in charge of making you happy. And here’s the problem with most diets: they deprive your inner epicurean. It’s your inner skinny girl who makes promises to stick to diet programs. Often, you do this right after you’ve eaten a nice meal, and your inner epicurean is satisfied. The trouble is, while your inner skinny girl makes the promises, it’s your inner epicurean who has to keep them. So the first day of your diet, you might be so excited about losing weight that sticking to that low-cal plan is relatively easy. But as you progress through a few days (or even just hours), of dissatisfying food, your inner epicurean gets more and more demanding. After all, she’s not the one who made the promise in the first place, and it’s her job to make sure you get those luxury needs met. When you finally break it, it’s because that inner epicurean was never satisfied. But if you’d had enough food to start with, and incorporated enough treats to satisfy your inner epicurean, you would have had a much easier time. You’ll have more success with sticking to your weight-loss plan if you find ways to satisfy your epicurean. I suggest scheduling it: you could add a restaurant meal on for Friday nights, and find one that’s sort of close to your plan. That’ll give you something to look forward to all week, and re-train your epicurean to really savor a fantastic meal, rather than having lots of little junky meals. Inner conflict sets you up to fail, inner alignment between your inner skinny girl and Your inner epicurean sets you up to succeed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: