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Why pay the vehicle purchase tax and their own car is not the same as the car to buy small partners, have had such doubts? Why do we calculate the car before buying a car purchase tax, to the real tax is not the number we calculated, or more, or less. What’s going on here? There is calculated the amount and vehicle purchase tax amount paid out, there are two possibilities: one is the tax bureau two is wrong, you are wrong. Error: wrong is the tax basis, the tax rate is 10%, do you think the price multiplied by 10% is the vehicle purchase tax? The price to get rid of the vat! Because all the goods we buy, are tax price, are included in the VAT, the tax basis and the vehicle purchase tax is not including tax price, so the prices to remove include VAT, ande tear egg? Excluding tax price including tax price = ÷ (117%) error two: wrong the applicable tax rate since October 1st last year, until December 31st of this year, 1.6 displacement following models, apply the preferential tax rate of 5%. To the year after December 31st, new energy vehicles, are exempt from vehicle purchase tax. Error three: you don’t know the car purchase tax is the lowest tax price policy: taxpayers purchase or import taxable vehicle, declared tax basis is lower than the same type of taxable vehicle minimum taxable price, and without proper justification, the minimum tax levied in accordance with the price of the vehicle purchase tax. This policy is in fact: the lowest price information table of the IRS has a national all brand models, by the tax authorities of automobile manufacturers to come within the jurisdiction of the acquisition, the core element is the ex factory price and retail price reference. If you buy a car below this price, I’m sorry I have to pay the lowest price I think, regardless of whether you declare the price is not the real transaction price.相关的主题文章: