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Wild heart hung an invisible braid Yefu Shoutu students bow photos came out, immediately caused a great disturbance. Some people think that the liberal bow is two people voluntarily, with others not involved, do not violate the principles of liberalism. Critics say that worship is a kind of "wild habits", should be abandoned by the modern society. Some people believe that the bow is wild mentoring affair, in the moment China has its rationality, others no need to escalate. I bow down to master this point, bow and Zhao Benshan Guo Degang wild Shoutu, an apprentice bow has no difference. Chinese known as the traditional worship teacher, honour the teacher and respect his teaching, how much emphasis that contains the teacher’s dignity. As the origin of a ritual, worship the ancient people’s living way. In ancient China, there were no chairs, chairs and tables. To the later, tables and chairs, the elderly sit on the chair, worshippers kneeling, sitting on the ground, "bow" became etiquette. According to Wang Xuetai’s research, in accordance with the rule of the Emperor (San Lao Guan, reception of venerable elders of the country to 50 people as early as; old age in the township officials) to worship, to sacrifice, to cut a sauce, with jazz. Therefore, the Eastern Han Dynasty zhongchangtong in "said" ancient "masakoto to Jun Chen, also pay all. Although the king has changed, there is no need for the sake of the cause, it is better to save the great. Yushidafu, three are listed, this is not, no." In zhongchangtong view, to the Eastern Han Dynasty, the king of the courtiers have courtesy of as many attenuation, three yushidafu tuizhao, the emperor is not up to him. Obviously, bow as a ritual, the emperor and the subjects are not equal. China ancient monarch have all classes of authors, the idea of. Reflected in the etiquette, all subjects had to bow down to the emperor. In addition, as the agent of the imperial officials, known as the "official people". The emperor and the officials in the enjoyment of the people bow when superior, not bow salute. Therefore, this kind of bow etiquette, is a concrete manifestation of the patriarchal society in size, position, size and pattern of difference, and it is the core of the imperial power. It is based on the imperial power, and the concept of Jun Jun Chen father son and not equal, embodied in various manners, and established the standard of official and administrative centralization led national social order. This also means that the nature of the ceremony is the first order, hierarchical lifestyle, followed by courtesy, literacy, etc.. With completely change the way of living, and the rise of modern civilization, worship and ritual as humiliating completely revealed. In 1793, the British Macartney mission to Chinese, Qianlong throne. Chinese officials asked him to Qianlong three kneel nine worship ceremony, the two sides dispute twice. Two parties finally reached an agreement, the British as an independent state, the envoy for kneeling down ceremony, do not have to kowtow. In 1816, the British government sent to Amy Shide led mission from China, Jia Qingdi must for thrice kneeling and nine times bowing ceremony. Earlier, the British government had instructed the people may act according to circumstances but vice versa, Fushi Staunton is firmly opposed to worship (he is the Macartney mission Fushi Staunton’s son), finally, a Meishide visit ended in failure. Britain is modern.相关的主题文章: