Women suffering from depression at admission poison fall dead family claims 210 thousand yuan (video-dataload

Women suffering from depression at admission poison fall dead family claims 210 thousand yuan Express News correspondent Hu Shanxia Ye Fanghui reported a Foshan woman suffering from severe depression, drinking rat medicine was sent to hospital for treatment of gastric lavage. Unexpectedly, after less than 3 days, the woman still in the hospital in the early hours of the falls, and ultimately died from. Families that hospital fails to perform security duties, ordered the hospital to court. Yesterday, the new express reporter learned from the Nanhai District People’s Court of Foshan, the case has been sentenced to the first instance, the hospital does not bear the responsibility for compensation for the death of the woman. New express reporter learned that the deceased is the wife of Lao Zhu who worked in Foshan all year round. She was suffering from severe depression, in February 29th, she drank the rat medicine and was sent to a hospital in Nanhai District. After the doctor diagnosed, she arranged the gastric lavage in hospital, and her condition was controlled. After his wife was hospitalized, Zhu and his brother took turns to take care of the hospital. In the early morning of March 2nd, the old Zhu came home to take clothes, while his brother was sleeping in the hospital bed. The old Zhu wife walked out of the ward and fell behind the platform at the two floor of the hospital, and died after the rescue. The public security organs ruled out the possibility of homicide by field investigation, but the specific reason can not be determined. Old Zhu and his family thought that the doctor knew that his wife had drunk the mouse medicine to commit suicide, had the serious suicidal tendency, but did not make any doctor’s advice or the special nursing care, even arranged her in the high-rise ward. To some extent, the lack of security obligation of hospital led to his wife’s death, ordered the hospital to court, asked bear 30% of the liability for the death of his wife, pay the funeral expenses, death compensation totaling more than 21 yuan. The hospital believes that the deceased was admitted to hospital because of oral rat medicine, not because of mental illness. The general hospital is not a professional psychiatric hospital, the family has always stressed that the deceased suffering from depression, and that the hospital needs to be suicidal for the deceased to make a diagnosis, which obviously beyond the scope of diagnosis and treatment. And the hospital inpatient only in the third floor, the four floor has the hospital bed. The court held that, according to the hospital to provide patients "informed consent book" and "admission to prevent a fall, falling out of bed this book", the hospital has informed and asked the family to provide 24 hours of work can do accompany someone accompany, short leave should also ask others to help or care by nurses, in fact the family of the deceased by the hospital request someone accompany, is only the dead while accompanying sleep machine jumping Dutch act no fault of the hospital. The final judgment overruled all the claims of the plaintiff, and Lao Zhu and his family had appealed. Note: video only for extended reading. The 28 year old woman home balcony falls to death during his lifetime depression without work

女子患抑郁症服毒入院凌晨坠亡 家属索赔21万元新快报讯记者胡珊霞通讯员叶芳晖报道佛山一女子患有严重抑郁症,喝下老鼠药后被送往医院洗胃救治。不料过了不到3天,仍在住院期间的该女子在凌晨时分坠楼,最终经抢救无效死亡。家属认为医院未履行安全保障职责,遂将医院告上法院。昨日,新快报记者从佛山市南海区人民法院了解到,该案已一审宣判,医院对该女子的死亡无需承担赔偿责任。新快报记者了解到,死者是常年在佛山打工的老朱的妻子。她因患严重抑郁症,于2月29日喝下老鼠药被送往南海区某医院就诊,医生诊断后安排住院洗胃,她的病情得以控制。在妻子住院后,老朱与哥哥轮流到医院看护。3月2日凌晨,老朱回家取衣服,哥哥在病床边打盹时,老朱妻子自行走出病房,后坠落在医院二楼平台处,经抢救无效死亡。公安机关经现场勘查排除了他杀的可能,但具体原因无法判断。老朱及其家人认为,医生明知他的妻子喝老鼠药自杀,有严重的自杀倾向,却没有做出任何医嘱或特别护理注意,甚至将她安排在高楼层病房内。一定程度上而言,医院的安全保障义务缺失导致了妻子的死亡,遂将医院告上法院,要求承担妻子死亡的30%赔偿责任,支付丧葬费、死亡赔偿金等共计21万余元。医院则认为,死者是因口服老鼠药入院治疗,并非因精神病入院。综合医院并非专业的精神病医院,家属始终强调死者患有抑郁症,而认为医院需要针对死者具有自杀倾向作出诊断,这明显超出诊疗范围。且医院住院部仅在三楼、四楼有住院病床。法院经审理认为,根据医院提供的《病友入院知情告知书》和《防跌倒、坠床告知书》,院方已明确告知并要求家属提供24小时能胜任陪护工作的专人陪护,短暂离开也应请旁人帮忙看护或者通知护士,实际上死者家属也按医院要求安排了专人陪护,仅是死者趁陪护人睡觉之机跳楼自杀,医院并无过错。最终判决驳回原告全部诉讼请求,而老朱及其家人已提出上诉。注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 28岁女子家中阳台坠楼身亡生前患抑郁症无工作相关的主题文章: