Won the award of logistics entrepreneurs will be the new Ford won in transit-solid converter

Won the award of logistics entrepreneurs will be the new Ford transit won the day before, 2016 (Fourteenth) China logistics Entrepreneurs Conference in Hangzhou grand curtain. As the country’s highest specifications of logistics will be the cooperation unit, Ford transit outstanding performance in the event, highly recognized professional participants. More exciting is that the new Ford transit just listed, also won the "2016 Chinese logistics vehicles recommended" award, highlighting the Ford transit brand car market as in the past Chinese leading logistics momentum and determination. Interestingly, two months ago, also in Hangzhou International Expo Center, as the G20 summit in Hangzhou official car, Ford transit brand with superior strength to win the praise from everyone. Now, in this place, Ford transit brand shine again, become the darling of the logistics entrepreneur of the year, full of more than 50 years of international brand style. Widely praised the new Ford transit logistics industry award that year won the fourteen sessions have been held so far, the China Federation of logistics and purchasing, is the State Council approved the establishment of the China only a comprehensive logistics and purchasing industry associations in the previous meeting organization, there is no lack of authority in the field of logistics, the logistics industry is the top event. The annual meeting, also brought together many industry heavyweight enterprises and large coffee, China Railway Logistics Group, China Post, SF, tact and other well-known companies are among them. In order to let participants can feel the zero distance forefront of logistics vehicles, Ford transit will be the latest product — all the way to the Ford new year will be the scene. After the experience, the industry are highly praised the car. The representatives of well-known logistics enterprises and logistics Limited by Share Ltd Guangzhou SF map have said that the car design idea is advanced, safe and reliable, and has high efficiency and low consumption, almost all the current expectations of the logistics vehicle. The industry consensus, the new Ford transit at the annual meeting of the "2016 Chinese recommended gains in one fell swoop logistics car" award, has become a model for the new period work of logistics vehicles. Superior strength of Ford’s new transit "wisdom" creation flow the annual meeting of the "smart car logistics driven industrial upgrading as the theme, and this transit has been to uphold the" Ford made ideas highly consistent. As Jiangling Automobile Sales Company Limited approved the sale manager Hui said at the meeting, "the car needs to provide more high-quality products, and we work together to build a new logistics system." The new Ford transit is based on this concept. The new Ford transit had special considerations in the design, configuration and other aspects, fully reflects the superior wisdom to vehicle". For example, in order to allow the vehicle has a large and practical space, Ford researchers have adopted a variety of ways. The central axis in the top models use rate. At the same time, the new Ford transit using a precursor of mature technology, to ensure strong driving ability on the basis of the bearing, but also enhance the vehicle loading space. In addition, the new Ford transit equipped 2.0TPUMA TDCI diesel engine and 2.0T EcoBoost GTDi gasoline engine, Ford’s advanced technology, high efficiency and low consumption, with hundreds of kilometers 7.6L fuel consumption performance of logistics enterprises to reduce fuel expenditure has great significance. As China’s logistics industry for a long time相关的主题文章: