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Worried about the Argentina world cup can not qualify? The odds are not so see! King to kneel in Argentina? With the Argentina road by Brazil 3-0 after explosion, Argentina fans have the tears, they are now on the Pampas Eagle despair? Or worried about the Argentina world cup can not qualify? Or can’t see hope? Superstar Messi,, Argentina, seems to be caught in a dilemma. But now the Gambling company to win the world cup odds but did not move, and now Brazil win odds with 1 / 9, ranked second in Germany after ranking. [more than 60% small hit probability of Brazil win! Continue to predict world cup competitions!] currently Argentina in South America pre already 4 did not win, draw 2-2 away 2-2 Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, home court lost 0-1 0-3 away defeat to Brazil, in the continuous weak teams who lose points, while the old rivals Brazil team humiliation. Argentina coach Bauza is currently facing enormous pressure. From the data, Argentina ranked so far is not accidental, at present, Argentina scored 11 goals and conceded 12, did not show the proper level. You know Brazil from the paper strength than Argentina, but they are currently in pre in South America made 7 wins 3 flat 1 negative into 26 ball lost 9 ball, in contrast to Argentina. From the current point of view of the form of the team, Brazil ranked 24 in the top first, Uruguay ranked the top second, the two teams composed of the first group of 23. And behind the 18 points in Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, 17 points, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, 16 points, and the score of 14 points, composed of the group of second. Argentina is currently only ranked sixth in the budget, according to the rules of the world in South America, the group of the first 4 directly qualify for the world cup, while the other is the need to compete for another promotion through the addition of the quota of fifth. The odds of winning the world cup from the current Gambling company 188BET out of the World Cup winning odds, indeed for confidence in the Argentina and Brazil still has not weakened, this can give more or less racing together bridle to bridle, Argentina fans a lot of comfort. And then, Argentina will have good against the strength and status of home court Columbia, if we can’t win, I do not know whether the boss Roy Bauza will shake, I do not know whether the Gambling company will raise the odds of winning the world cup in Argentina. (mouth day)相关的主题文章: