Wuhan hot dry noodle gas poisoning 2 people were killed (Figure) g227

Wuhan hot dry noodle gas poisoning 2 people were killed (Figure) accident of the hot dry noodle newspaper news (reporter Wang Yang) yesterday morning 7, Wuchang Lake Avenue a hot dry noodle has yet to open the door, next to the car wash shop staff Xiao Li to wonder: "every day at 3 pm, the hot dry noodle couple open the door. What’s going on today?" Xiao Li went to knock on the door, but no response. Until the morning of 9, he was 3 in dry noodle Zhire gas poisoning, of which 2 people were killed. Yesterday morning at 11 o’clock, when the Yangtze River Daily reporter arrived, the police are on-site investigation, the incident took place outside the cordon. A lot of people gathered outside the shop whispered: the shop is a young couple, the owner is Hunan, Changde, his wife and father are dead, unfortunately." Reporter observed, the hot dry noodle shop has two rooms, outside a room of about 20 square meters, the door stood a briquette stove and a stove, a refrigerator, indoor use food items and a few tables and chairs. The room was dimly lit, the rest room, the bed. "That night, briquette stove indoors, not completely extinguished, and no indoor ventilation window, resulting in 3 gas poisoning." Nearby businesses guess. The next car wash shop Li said that the hot dry noodle shop was opened in October 28th. Yesterday morning 7 when Mike to wash work, found next to the hot dry noodle shop did not open the door, and send the master already will face to the door on the ground. Xiao Li feel puzzled, went to knock on the door, but no response. 8 pm, the residential property office heard the matter, sent to the door, he struck the door, and call the noodle shop sign on the phone, no answer. Until 9, the store was slowly opened the gate volume. "The door opened by the owner. The door opened, I saw his body crooked, already weak." Xiao Li li. In the rescue of the Security Property Office said, the owner saw outside the property staff, they begged: "save my wife, perhaps she could live." However, the property staff walked into the room and found his wife cold, no breathing. And on the side of the ground, lying the owner’s father, has died. Immediately, the police and 120 ambulance personnel rushed to the scene, the owner will be sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. At 12 pm, funeral home staff will be 2 dead wrapped bodies, carried to the car. Subsequently, the police removed the warning line, shut the hot dry noodle shop. I heard the owner’s father came yesterday afternoon, did not expect to live a night on the accident." Nearby residents regret. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the police, the incident that night in the hot dry noodle shop has a total of 3 people, of which the owner’s wife and father died after treatment, the owner has been out of danger. After preliminary investigation, the case may have been ruled out, suspected carbon monoxide poisoning caused by tragedy. (Mr. Zhang received 50 yuan)相关的主题文章: