Wuxi supermarket shopping card discovered clones stores caught – Beijing-running man 20130908

Wuxi supermarket shopping card discovered "clones" stores caught – Beijing, few people know that the supermarket shopping card also has "Li Gui". At the beginning of August, Wuxi several gift recycling shop suffered a series of fraud, was cheated of nearly a million in cash. Liar with ten percent off "discount" to the recycling station selling cigarette and liquor vendor or gift supermarket shopping card, these are actually copying the sub card, the card sold, then use the mother liar card will be the amount of the card spending an empty. Wuxi police after investigation, the one from Shanghai fraud gang busted. 5 days ago, the gang members have been lawfully detained. Recovery of two gift shops have cheated at noon on August 3rd, a middle-aged man came to the cigarette and liquor vendor Wuxi Guo Road building, with ten percent off "preferential" selling 5 copies a supermarket shopping card for $1000. In order to verify the balance of the card, Mr. Guo opened the computer to log on to the supermarket site, after some inspection, Mr. Guo found no problem, they pay the other 4500 yuan in cash, accept these cards. Two days later, when Mr. Guo again sold shopping card, found open website balance, 5 card balance suddenly becomes "0", which realized cheated, immediately reported the matter to the police station. Coincidentally, August 4th in Wuxi City, south of the river police station also reported another of the same type of cases, a gift shop recycling encountered the same scene, was cheated 4600 yuan in cash. These shopping cards are true, and has been in the vicinity of the purchase, but also did not use, why the money on the card, no reason to "evaporate"? Wuxi police after more than and 10 days of careful investigation, and finally found a Shanghai fraud Gang is behind. The day before, Binhu District of Wuxi city police busted the provinces who commit criminal gangs, arrested 5 gang members. Preliminary investigation confirmed that the gang from late July to January just arrested, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang fled 3 provinces fraud crime more than 10 cases, involving more than 10 yuan. Currently, the 5 suspects have been under criminal detention according to law. Brush mother card, the card was canceled after the review, according to the suspects confessed, they bought the first copy of the card from the Internet equipment and a number of used blank supermarket shopping card. Every time the crime, they first went to the supermarket to buy 500 to $1000 worth of real cards, and then as a mother card, the card information will be cloned to the blank shopping card. In the supermarket site or counter query, the balance of the copy card will show the amount of the mother card. However, no matter how many copies, the total amount or the amount of the parent card. With the parent card or a copy of the card consumption, the amount of other cards will be reduced accordingly. Yangzi Evening News reporter correspondent Yang Wenqi Yu Yingjie reminded > > > – the general public and business owners, do not accept and buy the unknown source or origin shopping card, buy shopping card or to the regular outlets as well. – meet a large shopping card payment need to be more vigilant after the success of the transaction charge, so as not to be deceived, The loss outweighs the gain. – do not covet cheap, once deceived, the first time to the police.相关的主题文章: