Xi’an has the delivery vehicle for the safety of students from school-soojin

Xi’an university has been banned for the safety of students delivery vehicles into the original title: the emergence of new campus management task of College takeout, no? Release? With all kinds of ordering APP hot, takeaway food has been extended to the college students, with a student dormitory cafeteria or too lazy to takeout is very common. Take away into the campus, although convenient for students, but its impact on food hygiene and safety of the school, campus management order, student education can not be ignored. To this end, the university has introduced a ban on the delivery of vehicles to enter the campus. The phenomenon of riding the electric car to go by the regulars at noon yesterday at 11:45, the reporter saw at the east gate of Xi’an Conservatory of Music, there are more than and 10 car delivery vehicles to enter the campus just 10 minutes, these vehicles have standard vehicle takeaway platform is also well-known, owned vehicles around the snack bar. Similarly, in the Weiyang campus, Changan campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and other universities, incubator meal time delivery electric car with the size of the room into the campus is also common. The reporter found in the campus some open, every lunch and dinner time, dormitory room scene is lively, from time to time to see the chef takeaway phone urging, wearing pajamas and slippers classmates downstairs to take meal. Send the meal then quickly left the car, we have new stores…… "Now, it’s a fashionable way for college students to take away." A sophomore admitted. One is the room take little brother also said that now the students for takeout is very keen, since the school these days, he can send more than and 40 a day on average, if you encounter hot weather, but also the number of offerings into the room. The survey of more than 80% students surveyed had experienced takeout reporters in many colleges and universities in the city were interviewed, 100 college students surveyed, 25% of the students said to take out basically every day, there are 35% students a week ordering 3~5 times, more than 80% of the students surveyed had takeout experience. "If a school has 8000 students to calculate, then the number of daily consumption of takeout in about 2000." A deiivery Master said, he is responsible for the area within the room, there is a school, an hour before lunch and dinner every day, he’ll have to return this school five or six times. For such findings, Northwestern Polytechnical University sophomore Mike was not surprised, she said, in addition to two or three times each week in the school dining restaurant, the other basically rely on takeaway, her many students are so. The reporters found that in addition to the APP ordering platform offers room service, some colleges and universities around the restaurants, snack shops have opened the delivery service, a restaurant owner said, every day he can sell more than and 200 snacks, half of which is the takeaway sales. Source: Xi’an Evening News相关的主题文章: