Xie ear starred in orange man changed from ” orange elder brother ” event-ravbin

Sheldon starring "orange man" modified from " " orange brother Jim · Parsons 1905; events; news film starred in the "Big Bang" by the mainland audience affectionately known as "Sheldon" by Jim · Parsons, confirmed to join the "orange man" (Brother Orange). The film by Warner Bros., BuzzFeed CO produced, adapted from hot moment together Internet events — a young American mobile phone stolen in Chinese a year later, with the help of friends of young Americans came to find a new owner China stolen mobile phone. The two protagonists of the event – Matt Stopera and orange brother is reported, Parsons will play in the film American youth Matt Stopera, the latter’s phone was stolen in 2014. A year later, the unexpected situation appeared, Matt iCloud began to appear in a large number of strangers photos. Because some of the photos with the orange, this strange Chinese people are known as "orange brother", and this is the story of the orange brother another protagonist. Matt Stopera was invited to come to China to share their experience on the Matt Buzzfeed, and soon in the domestic micro-blog caused widespread discussion, friends to help find the orange. It is understood that the mobile phone Matt stolen Hongkong, Shenzhen to Meizhou, was the brother of orange relatives when bought back second-hand mobile phone, mobile phone two owner so soon. Last year, Matt received the invitation to China orange brother, two people create a great sensation. Since then, orange brother also returned to the Matt, and Matt and boarded the "Alan show". Orange brother return visit Matt two people boarded the Alan show, of course, the most curious thing is that the actor has not yet determined orange, hope that the audience is familiar with the actors.相关的主题文章: