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Xinjiang: Urumqi Tianshan Mingzhu played green environmental protection — the song — Xinjiang Urumqi as vast at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains, is Silk Road Economic Belt glamorous, rich style of historical and cultural city. It is located in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent, communication, linking Asia and Europe, is the ancient Silk Road throat, is the frontier of modern Eurasian Economic and cultural exchanges, is the Silk Road Economic Zone on a bright pearl. Urumqi, since ancient times known as the "Silk Road hub, the heart of all things", this collision between Eurasian civilization, people in this communication, here is the national fusion, civilization exchange, towering Tianshan Mountains, the vast expanse of great momentum, pasture, tree height, and graceful, Mao and lush grass. Urumqi District of Shuimogou city in the rain after 5 years of sharpening and exploration, built-up area green coverage rate of 48.8%, to create a centralized Huaguang street, South Lake Road South and a number of landscape greening works, built a series of new green the Great Wall. The mining area changed the old shabby appearance, green pines and verdant cypresses echoes, grass seedling vigor. Stand tall Hongshan pagoda under the shade of a green, play a harmonious coexistence with nature, city and green Symphony complement each other. Blueprint planning dream, dream inspiring. In 2016, Shuimo River Ecological Landscape Corridor construction officially started, the year is expected to add 10 Street parks, green development has sounded the clarion call, the beautiful scenery of the Shuimogou area will also add new green. Urumqi because of the Silk Road and dazzling and colorful, has become the gathering of talents: take righteousness, Hao Ran rushes through the open, freight business; Changfeng, on the eclectic A great hawk spreads its wings, spread to the world civilization. (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: