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Youku broadcast "for you to read poetry"   you are willing to go to the heart of the covenant? People’s Entertainment Channel – People’s original title: Youku live for you to read the poem, you would like to go to the heart of the covenant? Now each net red screen live video for entertainment but also people with lack of content, dry food. If there is a live broadcast can both content and depth of entertainment, it is better. Welfare, September 1st Youku will broadcast "as you read poetry" launched the "world premiere at the Beijing concert outside flash" series of poetry, with you and the old drama of bone, music teacher Li Mingqi mosey child poetry and many other fields leading to ride a xinlingzhiyue. The perfect combination of poetry and music, Youku, a breath of fresh air for the live broadcast, send a full of artistic temperament. Youku not only for the whole live poetry concert live, but also a bold attempt to pay to watch new ways to play, online and offline synchronization to achieve commercialization. If you want to feel the magnificent atmosphere of the concert, but could not go to the scene, then you only need to pay only 10 yuan, the whole crowd can this magnificent music and poetry. The tickets will be 24 hours ahead of public sale, not quick hold live address for billing? It is reported that, "the world outside the door flash" series of poetry concerts in the fall began, a number of cities, until the end of next spring. As a national tour starting station of Beijing Railway Station, the premiere high-profile nature. To this end, "as you read poetry" to invite many heavyweight guests to help out, let the tour have a grand start. Guest lineup includes "old drama of bone performing artist Li Mingqi, actor Guo Guangping at the national level, on the tip of the tongue" China "voice commentary, Li Lihong Yan Yuancaolei, the young pianist Zhang Jiajia youth film, CCTV host Liu Fangfei, a pioneer of independent music people mosey child poem nearly 20 Art Cafe, covering all areas of film, dance, musical instruments, music. In fact, as a live platform for this poetry concert, Youku and actually read for you, there are sources. In January last year, "read the poem" that settled Youku from the channel, full of emotion, with exquisite work circle a large number of loyal fans; Youku also had in March this year, "live as you read poetry" initiated by the 2016 World Poetry Day concert, the immediate comment, praise, praise, watch and buy the function allows the audience to experience a different kind of live. In the poetry concert, Youku and watch the live broadcast again by paying attention to play. (commissioning editor Wu Yaxiong and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: