Your New Look For The Fall Season-poper

UnCategorized It’s that time again. In less than a month, the weather is going to be taking a cooler turn, and the leaves on the trees are going to begin gradually deepening their shades from vibrant green to purple, red, and orange. It’s no wonder that such dramatic changes in the outside world inspire many women to make equally dramatic changes in their appearance. But if you’re wondering about giving yourself an autumnal makeover, you may not know where to start. Let me give you some pointers. Now is your chance to indulge in a LOT of color–and I do mean a lot–before the drab winter tones are expected. The difference between now and the summer months are which colors you will actually choose. You want your style to reflect the beautiful jewel tones that will be adorning the foliage in your neighborhood. That means you need to step away from the greens, yellows, and blues of summer and opt for deeper but equally vibrant oranges, reds, and purples in both clothing and makeup. Don’t put away the bronze and gold eye shadows from your favorite glowing summer getups. They will transition perfectly into the new season. Here is a sample look based on my suggestions: a white blouse or tee-shirt paired with a dark orange or rust-red shin-length skirt, accented by gold shoes, gold bangles, and gold hoop earrings. F.o the dark eyeliner and brush your lids with gold eye shadow. Try to match the color of your blush with your skirt, and concentrate it on the apples of your cheeks. To avoid overdoing your look, opt for clear gloss on your lips or just some lip balm for clean, natural lips. Don’t neglect your hair during this beautiful new phase of the year. If you have concentrated on maintaining bleach-blonde locks, visit a reputable hair salon Manhattan has to deepen the color or to add caramel or light auburn highlights. If your hair is darker, then a more intense shade of auburn would be particularly eye-catching, either as highlights or all-over color. If you aren’t sure what would suit you best, setting up a consultation with a skilled stylist that can help you make a final decision. You will probably be wearing sandals less and less as the weather grows chill, so phase out your pedicures and focus on world-class manicures. You can choose similar shades as those I’ve suggested for full-nail coverage or opt for an alternate version of the French manicure. I love fall–especially the opportunity it gives me to change my look. What could be better than an autumn-inspired makeover? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: