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Yushu county to build city 3 years of development has achieved remarkable results – Beijing, Beijing, October 14 Xining Xinhua (reporter Luo Yunpeng) 14, reporters from Yushu city China party second congress was informed that since the Yushu county to build the city for 3 years, with the protection of ecological civilization first, industry diversified economic development, city code operation management, continuous improvement of people’s livelihood security, city development with remarkable results. Yushu City, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in 2013, approved by the Chinese State Council approved the revocation of Yushu County, the establishment of county-level city of Yushu, and in November 1st officially listed. Since the magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred on April 14, 2010 in Yushu, a new Plateau Pearl — Yushu city has stood proudly at the source of Sanjiang. Data show that in the face of subsequent heavy reconstruction work after the disaster, Yushu City loaning 350 million yuan (RMB, same below), the quality of housing 1136 households completed the rectification, the rectification of 411 municipal quality, public construction project quality rectification 106, the full completion of post disaster reconstruction project and the task of clearing and settlement funds collection. And through the county leadership package case mediation mechanism, combing the reconstruction problems left over 645 pieces, 437 pieces for solution. Yushu municipal Party committee secretary Cai Chengyong introduced, three years has the implementation of comprehensive agricultural development, forage base, barley base construction projects, built barley demonstration base and potato planting demonstration fields, significantly enhance the efficiency of agricultural production. Continue to promote the breeding work, optimize breed herd structure, build the Tibetan cattle and sheep breeding base. Yushu withdrawal of the county to build the city 3 years, has completed the transfer of pasture acres of 3 million 800 thousand, built ecological animal husbandry cooperatives, 62. Focus on supporting a large number of family farms and livestock farming, the initial formation of large-scale, intensive, efficient agriculture and animal husbandry industry development pattern. 2016, Yushu total economic output reached 1 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of $904 million over the same period in 2013 of $49.3%. According to reports, according to the development advantage of rich cultural tourism resources, Yushu city around this goal to create a domestic famous tourist city, the launch of balegou, Tangfangudao and other cultural tourism experience area; cultural activities as the carrier, the basic content in the rich tradition of the Jockey Club, successfully hosted the world cup tournament, international rafting hiking etc. the high-end cultural and sports activities. Three years of total tourism revenue reached $350 million, an average annual growth of 25% and 31%, becoming the city’s new growth point of economic income." Cai Chengyong said. Cai Chengyong said that through the implementation of Sanjiang source protection project, forest, desert, grassland, wetland and lake ecological system effective protection and construction; the implementation of afforestation and sewage and garbage harmless treatment, vegetation and green coverage rate rising, environmental pollution has been effectively controlled by advocating green civilization; way of life, social ecological consciousness civilization construction has been continuously improved, the old way of life behind the transition to a green and civilized way of life, with the ecological and environmental law enforcement supervision, ecological restoration and environmental regulation effect. Cai Chengyong, three years, Yushu City People’s livelihood invested 4 billion 389 million yuan, accounting for 7 of total fiscal expenditure)相关的主题文章: