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Zhejiang satellite TV to create a "comedy story"   because of serious and powerful Comedy – the media – people.com.cn original title: Comedy for serious and powerful Wu Xiubo (left) and Guo Degang as "Nemo" comedy show host before the original comedy variety show "comedy story" in Zhejiang TV broadcast. It can be seen from the name, comedy is no doubt still a major trump card. However, in recent years, with the herd of many similar programs, how to play this card, is the industry and the audience really concern. In 2014, the joy of media to create "The Legendary Swordsman" break out, known as the "dark horse" variety; in April last year, the original cast again launched a "happy comedy", quickly became a comedy variety and a successful work. This year, the two programs were broadcast in the third quarter and the second quarter, once again popular. The Zhejiang satellite TV to join hands to create a happy comedy comedy, the first introduction of the cross-border star + professional comedy model. It is generally believed that tragedy is serious and comedy is not serious. Comedy can be serious in terms of the theme, and the good comedy must be serious, because its seriousness is full of strength. The true comedy of the crossover and the professional comedian in the comedy of comedy is attached to serious themes. The first phase of the program, Jia Ling, Chen He, the old partner for many years, will be based on the story of the story of the adaptation of the story of the "Hello, I’m going to move to the stage", according to the personal experience of the author of the. Jia Ling will be buried in the bottom of 10 years of real experience into the creation, works by Jia Ling and his mother began playing in front of the stage, heighten the atmosphere better between mother and daughter happy. However, because of an unfortunate accident, the mother of Jia Ling, through to young mothers, to meet with the young mother, mother and daughter together in this time experienced a series of ridiculous stories. However, be a pleasant and short, small space conversion, when Jia Ling looked at the scene of mother and father with a curtain and yourself, love to the depths, choked several times. In order to make the story more complete expression, the program group for the first time in the comedy stage using multiple reset scene, the scene through the conversion of the audience as immersive, miss the time and space through the audience even more tears. "Hello, Li Huanying" set up a real sense of serious conflict, thus gaining the power of comedy. As the key figure in happy twist team, Shen Teng’s works have always been the pursuit of perfection. This time his partner actress Liu Tao, staged a thought-provoking works of "39". It is about a "nonsense" Shen Teng "terminally ill cancer", speak more than a limited number of words, will die. In the past to get along, Shen Teng do not know treasure, overwhelmed home to face his wife, only 39 words of life how to express, leaving the audience a great imagination. The essence of two works seemingly ironic, but is a serious conflict in the true sense, the core contains hidden tragedy, an important issue in life. The former tells us: in a timely manner filial piety, do not want to raise the child and the pro do not stay; the latter相关的主题文章: