ZTE 1 billion 766 million profit in the first half of R & D investment close to revenue 15%- Sohu Te winsockfix

ZTE’s first half profit of 1 billion 766 million R & D investment revenue close to 15%- technology Sohu Sohu Technology Wen Mao Qiying August 25th news, ZTE reported in the first half of this year, revenues of 47 billion 757 million yuan (RMB, same below), an increase of 4.05%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 1 billion 766 million, an increase of 9.33%; net profit attributable to non recurring gains and losses the 1 billion 673 million of the listed company after deducting the shareholders of ordinary shares, an increase of 78.38%; basic earnings per share of 0.43 yuan. Net cash flow from operating activities 2 billion 355 million, an increase of 56.17%. Reported that in the first half of 2016, ZTE operators network, consumers, government and enterprise business revenue to maintain growth, respectively, to achieve 28 billion 735 million, 14 billion 415 million, 4 billion 607 million. In the first half of 2016, operating profit of 3 billion 331 million yuan, operating profit margin of up to 7%, a new high in recent years. R & D investment in the first half of 7 billion 59 million, R & D investment accounted for the first time close to the historical level of revenue of 15%. In the mobile phone terminal, "secret" and BLADE "ZTE" flagship boutique mobile phone, through the United States and Canada, Spain, Germany, football, basketball and other sports marketing activities and the global consumer plan and mobile experience store, expanding global visibility and influence. The regional dimension, ZTE in the United States, Europe is the key to deepen the global strategic layout, China market sales year-on-year increase, the United States continues to maintain mobile phone shipments ranked fourth, market share steadily, the European market has achieved rapid growth in the second quarter, intelligent mobile phone shipments ranked fourth in the country, an important market share continued to improve, – on the basis of this, ZTE two quarter shipments to sixth. In terms of home media terminals, ZTE launched 4K smart set-top boxes, the year to achieve a major breakthrough in shipping. Radio and television digital TV set-top box officially entered the bulk, and 4K IP DVB set-top boxes as an opportunity to enter the high-end big T market.相关的主题文章: